cheer up, little K!

good luck, little E!

all the little animals came to support you, stitched rabbit even timetravelled from a 16th century patternbook just to be here for you - so stop crying, both of you!!!


dressing quite blue lately

made these granola bars - tried almonds, blueberries, walnuts, sunflower seeds, apricots and dates - now i can`t wait until they are cool enough to cut them into small pieces, they already smell so good... (p.s.: they turned out AMAZING - you have to give them a try!)

b-quality falke-tights, didn´t find the b in them yet...


found some pictures in the basement where i store all my boxes since the moving
they were taken in stuttgart in may 2008 around my birthday
my scanner is obviously dying...


devil`s food cupcakes from my new cookbook - presented by the very waitery looking W

new colours for my stitching and flowers on my skirt to bring back spring


these babies really make me happy... very excited about this

they both already made it into the "golden bee 8 - moscow international biennal of graphic design"-catalogue and workshop into "tokio tdc, vol.20"

have to take some pictures of the white-on-white-silkscreenprint, it turned out so pretty

the poster is presented by dear eva in the good old stuttgart-days...

i´m a lucky one - a today i saw-postcard is on the way - thank you so much already!


a cupcake - cookbook

a necklace


and a bow - i look like an easter egg


got my free sample of moo business-cards (the paper is 100% recycled) - very excited about them - i used some pictures from my diploma, now i`m working on some "real" cards without the commercial print


too sweet - too pretty - too pink

nigellas buttercream-hearts

fair-trade heart-candles

a heart-necklace (if someone is in need of a very last-minute valentine-gift...)

and a lot of ranunculus

to get away from all this sweetness there is a very hearty white-bean-stew bubbling on the stove


one of the best things about my boots (next to waterproof, warm,...) are the flower-footprints i leave behind
didn´t move our car in weeks
very thankfull for my add icon10-coat these days
rereading my stack of lily brett-books, never read the original version because the german translation always felt right to me, maybe i should give it a try anyway...
tartelletes violet macarons using this violet-candy - turned out so hidious i´m almost too ashamed to show - but hey, i´m just learning...


again it snowed all night and it didn´t stop until now - very quiet everywhere

an accidental birthday present for K

a new vest and dress

Important Artifacts and Personal Property from the Collection of Lenore Doolan and Harold Morris, Including Books, Street Fashion, and Jewelry - this book is really really genius


some new stuff
- books and albums to fill
- nailpolish in addictive colours
- a little donkey from fine little days print (have to work on some friends for him now)
- and lots and lots of necklaces, soon hitting the shops
i´m quite the accumulator - if that´s a word


new black - new blue - and what i really love is the new yellow


this necklace was even too small for very small katrin, so i worked on a little fastener - i hope it fits now...


new colours for spring - the necklaces are almost done...


what i´m working on right now


made some deliveries today
don`t worry - i`m not becoming a second julie and post about very recipe in this book
but i`m very drawn to the dessert and sweets section
and my nailpolish matches the little stars on the cover