crazy stormy sunny days
with the faintest bit of fall lingering in the air
in the foggy mornings
my tomatoes and rosted vegetables are certainly autumn coloured already
using again some of my favorite aster daisies
also got a bunch of dahlias from my favorited bearded old lady at the farmers market
to take pictures of the new jewellery collection with
they turned out quite cool looking in spite of those funky flowers
well - of course my sister K is an excellent jewellery model
with those slim limbs and her hands are perfect, too
i hope to update the shop this weekend - there are some very special pieces
already glued together the broken porcellain bunny
it´s alright now
have a great week everybody


as blue as it gets...
wow - this heat lately - unbelievable
spent those hot days with a house full of sisters (and one of their boyfriends)
(the first apple pie of the season - it tasted like my grandmothers strudel, now i have a food memory)
and playing with the cats
(look at those crazy eyes - i love them to pieces)
K worked for days in the garden, lots and lots of weeding and planting
a whole mint bed and so much flowers
work is crazy right now
but it doesn´t really pay off yet
so i´m a bit frustrated once in a while and stressed out
NINA put up a lovely longingly blue post
and asked me to do a TINY BOUQUET #18 ALMOST BLUE
but it turned out a bit lilac


oh my cats...
it´s like hell trying to catch their mother in a trap
she already freed herself with supercat power since the door wasn´t closed completely
this is how they´re watching me working in the garden 
and how they look turned into NECKLACES
brought back a little something from Paris 
a almost too sweet cookbook (with gilt edging)
don´t use my plastic mixing bowls anymore
those vintage porcelain or earthenware ones are much more beautiful and easier to clean
and i have lots of them waiting for their turn
this one is used for WHOLE BEAN VANILLA COOKIES (without the whole bean - with powder instead)
found a little cutting
it has already grown a little root
also i was promised some cosmos for my garden next year
can´t wait


yep - i did went a bit flower crazy this weekend
but there are not that much plants in bloom (or pretty leaf) in July and August in my garden
and i had to change this
maybe reading THE ENCHANTED APRIL made me do so even more
the weather is bliss right now
so much sunshine and not too hot
i was in kind of a mood lately
but then i took the sunday off (i guess all self employed tend to work weekends, too)
including an afternoon nap and flat bread with zuccini and blue berries (found in the new BRIGITTE)
does anyone know what to do with this very capricious pelargonium?
can only show you it´s shadow since the leaves turned almost all yellow
but it´s still such a beauty and i don´t want to loose it
also: plant jewels - a new thing we´re working on



this is for my sister K
who is currently finishing her thesis
(it´s off to the printer tomorrow)
on The Invasive Neopyhte Rose Rugosa in Costal Areas - Investigations on Control Methods
she´s becoming THE go to expert in Northern Europe for sure
just look at my little "flower installation" to find out one method she was researching:
sheep grazing (actually really hands on researching - tending the shep herself)
(first time ever a little box filled with a flock of tiny wooden sheep comes in handy)
she´s coming home this weekend
hope there´s still a bit of unburned granola left over for her
to keep her from falling into that black hole after graduation
i´m going to find little tasks for her
like learning macrame (i´m in need of some sturdy strings for hanging baskets)
and planting flower bulbs 
(awesome TULIPA TURKESTANICA and BLUEBELLS - can´t stop dreaming about them after watching BRIGHT STAR)


a day in the workshop is a good day
(although this one didn´t end so good - just burned a whole batch of homemade granola
like really burned it
now the whole house smells awfull and i´m in a very bad mood
maybe i shouldn´t skip lunch
this makes everything go wrong...)
we made a few wedding bands this year
this one is for a girl who wanted to add a bit of bling to her day
(no real diamonds though)
also we work on some quite exhausting little things
adorning castings with tiny lines makes your hands sore
so at least i have to stop every five lines or so and get a different grip
but i love it 
and never get as frustrated as i get in front of my computer
sometimes i bring cake to the workshop
not today - maybe i should have
a bit of redundant flowers for K
who tries to kill every tiny redundant word from her thesis right now
blackberries from my garden
planted by the very patient friend of my grandmother
who´s also in charge of the little vineyard here


as you know i got adopted by a stray cat and her two babies a while ago
those guys are hungry and wild
like really wild
this morning for the first time mama cat didn´t hiss when i was filling up their little plates with food
she was actually meowing - such a cute little voice she has
i´m kind of afraid i´ll drive her away next week when i´m getting her spayed
with a little help of a cat trap browed from the animal shelter
this is going to be pretty scary...
some evenings i can´t sit at my porch table
since it´s literally taken
but i love them of course anyway
now they inspired me to make some little CAT NECKLACES and CAT FACE NECKLACES
maybe this way i can earn a bit of extra cat money 
(as i told you - they are really hungry from all that roughhousing in the garden)
i promise i wont spend it on crazy cat lady stuff like THIS plate or the bits and pieces above
a bit about WSAKE on the lovely PAPER HEART WEDDING blog
thank you so much
also: a HUGE thank you for your comments
feed back is so great since i work alone a lot
and don´t know what to think about what i´m doing any more sometimes