i shouldn´t eat so many strawberries
but who could resist homemade woodland strawberry icecream?!
not me...
also a sunbleached geranium flower and a bit of shadow
last night i was listening to the first summer rain and some distant thunder
a lovely sound
now off to more work


as you can see
i´m really into my assignment to myself
divine smelling elderflower and coral bells
made a chunky version of the DROP RINGS
which turned out just right
and the girl i made them for really seemed to like it
which made me very happy
started reading THE SEALED LETTER
quite the page turner
also reading - and dearly loving - KINFOLK
European readers can order it in Alessandras SHOP - she offers free delivery, yay
hope you all enjoy a sunny long weekend
(went swimming yesterday for the first time this year)



o wow
my head is still buzzing from this wonderful weekend in Berlin at THE HIVE
(and from a severe migraine on the train drive there)
so many amazing, pretty, successful girls and blogs...
so impressive and well organized - and the food was just great
i didn´t take any pictures at the event - i´m not very good at it
but you´ll find loads on all the participants blogs
afterwards i took my small town self shopping in the big city
eating fries and frozen yogurt 
looking at those huge ugly-awesome buildings
quite stunned
then i visited K in Potsdam
the most lovely city with all its parks and allotment gardens
she made me a wildflower bouquetfor my birthday (and shortbread)
and i turned it into TINY BOUQUET #2 BUTTERCUP
using her bunny salt shaker (mine is RED)
it was so nice to meet you all
hopefully we stay in touch


thank you for your kind words
ok - i´m keeping the shorts
this is me and my first ever birthdaycake
a chocolate May beetle
(i think it was made by my grandmother)
since i was on my first only-potatoes-diet back then
i doubt i had a slice
but popcorn is okay
also Barbie style sparkle nail polish
and The Help on my own little help to step on 
in case i want to look out of my bedroom window
just decided to go on my little trip to Berlin WITHOUT my computer
which is almost unbelievable 


this is probably my strangest birthday so far
the first one without my grandmother showing up the day before
carrying the first PEONIES of the season
and my mum spending it in the hospital trying to adjust her bloodsugar
but W went to the playground and made me a sand cake
- he helped me afterwards baking a real one, too -
an apple rhubarb tart with a rustic spelt crust
my friends were all most lovely
i took myself to the garden
and made me a tiny bouquet
(no, this is not my kitchen counter top and a pipe
it´s a window sill and a little cable)
now i want to become a doll house florist
no kidding - have to get out all those little vases
i´m thinking about doing 30 tiny bouquets before 30
a nice assignment, maybe themed ones, too
any ideas?

 (should i keep this crocheted shorts?!)


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striped elderberry
from Flower Decoration by Constance Spry
picture by Paul Laib
(got this book when my grandmother died
and looking at it
somehow this bouquet seemed like the most strangly beautiful thing to me)


this weekend a squirrel threw a walnut at me from the rooftop
i got completely drenched in spring rain biking to a dinner with friends
was almost nauseous working on my desk filled the first peonies and lillies of the valley
wow - that smell - intoxicating
a flowery punch
the book from the last book club meeting
(not a very likeable main character featuring the worst pick up line ever
"i think i´m a manic depressive"
but a great read)
VERY CONSTRUCTED RING in the shadow of the one not dead fig tree
our garden suffered some loss in this cold cold winter
tears were shed already
i´m planning a trip to Berlin in two weeks
(attending THE HIVE - do you come, too?)
and i´d appreciate any tips since i haven´t been in such a lone time


hello there!
i finally put all those things in the shop
we´ve been working on since a loooong time
there is even more to come
but for now
meet the FAKE CRYSTAL collection (ear studs - for the first time!)
and that´s not everything
the WEBSITE is updated
and our first LOOKBOOK is up
(blog reader probably know  some of the pictures
but somehow the blog is our lookbook anyway)
and you can subscribe to the WSAKE NEWSLETTER
to not miss out on anything
(there is a summery limited edition coming up - lots of colour)
and some weirdly coloured carnations for you


i miss my grandmother
sitting on her patio
reading, eating, working
taking care of my cuttings and seedlings
she would have loved to see the sun bringing all her plants back to life
warming the little lizards
smell her blooming trees
hear the birds sing
i hope she still can somehow dream of all this
feel it from afar