my - well, actually not "my", because they belong to themselves - cat disapeared
cat girl took off almost three weeks ago and now her brother starts to stay away too
it´s weird since they seemed to love it around here
and they would never miss their bowl of warmed milk at the neighbours
somehow i think they try to find a way to escape winter (wish i could, too)
it´s the sadest thing
(trying to cheer myself up with this CAT VIDEO)
and i collected quite a few more food intolerances
especially cow milk and almost all grains
my belly feels already so much better
but i´m afraid the food supplements drive my stomache crazy
spent some time at the emergency room last weekend
because it felt like someone was stabbing me from behind
it seemed to look like gall stones
but then they didn´t find any 
- i was already thinking about asking if i could keep them after they´ve retrieved them -
and i went home again
a few days later i got a full blown cold
still here in bed with me
not the flu, but awful enough
living of tined peaches, rice-noodle soup and white tea
waking again and again to the sound of snow shoveling
some things brightened my days though
a nice interview over at GOLD.PAPER.TALK
a bit on magazines and typography and me (wearing a Peter Pan COLLAR - found via BASTISRIKE)
- thank you, dear Marleen -
a beautiful package from OLGA
and some of our pieces on an exciting journey
also some WSAKE rings in the new LUNA magazine
(W was kind of confused by the article
"does this Mila person actually wear our rings?!")