judging by my head ache
there is a change in weather and season on its way
it´s soon the time of year where i´ll start having a cup of tea to go with my aspirin
i´m like an old lady and feel it also in my bones - something creeping up may hip and spine
but it´s still time to celebrate summer with an abundance of apricot things
tarts (crust made with sheep butter, spelt and buckwheat)
NINA´S and NICOLE´S apricot dumplings
(made mine with spelt flour and semolina and hazelnut with melted butter
the fruits were so big the dumplings had the size of the savory ones to go with a sunday roast)
the nurseries are selling their withered plants for cheap
got quite a bit for next year
also a baby´s breath variety called flamingo
i probably have to fertilize it with alga and plankton to keep its pink colour
found a couple of odd twig rings in the local Oxfam shop
i like weird jewellery
working on some exciting wintery things
something really new to me
found a nice work/life rythm lately
but things on my to do lists are piling up again
including finishing my study
which is going to be so clean and clear
i just can´t wait

my DOWN UNDER GUYS were featured in a Surfin´ Safari inspired post on the awesome blog GEMS
and next to them a plate by ALEX SICKLING i fell in love with
(also so amazing: PAPA BIRD PLATE and make sure to check out her TUMBLR)
so what´s even more awesome is that i was able to SWAP one of my WILD BUNCH GUYS for it
happy me 
thank you so much, Alex - and Mallory for bringing us together!
should i get this DRESS?