again i need your help
(since you were so kind to help me out with the little wreaths)
so far there are two opinions on this draft for a post card:
the fact that you almost can´t read it is either the most awesome or most awfull thing about it
what do you think?
and YES - there is an I missing - thank you so much ULMA
(thank you E for your inspiration for this by the way
hopefully i can show you sometime what she made)
after taking pictures
i dried the rose petals from my mother´s Cardinal de Richelieu
to sprinkle it on the matcha cake from HOW TO BOIL AN EGG
which i´m planning to make - and a lot of other things - for the garden party
my two sisters and me are hosting this summer
in case they actually manage to find a date
who wants to come?!
already made three bottles of elderflower cordial
and MIMA´s elderflower jelly
last year i also made ELDERFLOWER SHORTBREAD
again i went to the abandoned nursery
to cut some roses
tacky and very old
thinking about rescuing the pink one
already dugg up a very pretty peonie for half an hour
hope she will make it
since i almost ruined my favorite pair of trousers 
got my first foxgloves
put them in the only flower bed without any edible plants
for safety
thanks to the crazy weather
this was probably the first time my grandmother got peonies for her birthday
the arrangement i made for her grave smelled like an odd mixture of them and onion
because i threw in some nectaroscordum
i think she would have found that funny
the talking cat is everywhere i go
she likes my couch the most of course
and fights off the fattest cats twice her size
a though cookie indeed
take a look at NINA´s new shop ZIERRAT UND GOLD
so happy to find some of our PIECES there