bits and pieces from the last weeks

so many wild tulips in my garden
they´re the best ones - ANDREA loves them too
got mine HERE - excellent selection and quality

just a redness-hider
who loves a bit of lipstick and nail polish though
currently trying NAIL GLOW to hide my dirty work nails
since i´m going to have a bit of exploratory surgery in a few weeks
i started to look for little treats to look forward to afterwards
like getting a new haircut
wearing those dangerously white  and utterly comfortably Chloe jeans
(found at TK Maxx, yay)
for as long as i´m not allowed to work in the workshop or garden
and that pretty blue scarf from MEINGEFANGEN - thank you so much, Franziska
watching my geraniums come to life again
after they´ve spent the winter in the basement
and using the rose varieties to scent my BIRTHDAY CAKE
writing something sweet using the serif cookie cutters from the flea market
making more furniture with W - the first piece is almost finished now
getting painted by E
eating more rhubarb scones with a new friend and fellow glass bead lover
wearing a lot of jewellery from the new collection
since hopefully everything will be ready and in the SHOP before the anaesthesia hits
(slightly based on a recipe from GOOD TO THE GRAIN)
1 (generous) cup spelt flour
1 tablespoon brown sugar
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
pinch of salt and vanilla
mix those dry ingredients
rub in 60 g butter or ghee with your fingertips
slice up 3 - 4 stalks of rhubarb and add them to the flour-butter mixture
quickly mix it with 3/4 cup yoghurt using a fork
the doug should be wet but not too sticky
add flour or liquid if needed
pat into a thick disc and slice into 6 wedges
bake for 18 min at 200 degree celsium
have a wonderful Easter week
there might be some special "themed" posts coming up...