well, we´ve made it
a new collection, all ready now - right in time for Spring
it has been a long way
lots of ideas, sketches, experiments
quite some things didn´t work out
but then it all came together
black and white silver, brass elements and some tiny dark red garnets
straight clean cuts with an organic feel
some of it rather playfull and fun
altough we worked on every piece together as we always do
creating an overall mutual look
you might guess who came up with what
wanna play?
and: thank you so much for all of your kind support lately
you guys are so great


the weather is crazy around here
got a huge migraine from all those hot/cold sunny/rainy changes
and i finally decided that it´s time to realize
i just can´t do heavier garden work than weeding tiny weeds, 
planting small plants, watering with a little watering can or pipe
and - of course - cut flowers
so i found an old friend who´s a gardening artist to help me out
and make my garden ready for a slightly disabled back pained girl
there will be really high raised beds, 
low maintaining crops like rhubarb, currants, gooseberry and quince,
no flower pots (besides geraniums and basil)
and flowers upon flowers
and herbs - almost forgot - i think there already are 6 varieties of sage and such
using the very first fancy little tulips
probably found by my grandmothers friend on the cemetery dump years ago
we´re busy in the workshop
planing a huge SHOP update next week
horseshoe necklaces custom made for some horse lovers
working on a project about stairs and cake
Atelier Solarshop has an ONLINE SHOP now 
and we´re so happy to find our DANCING BOWLS there
interesting post on creativity and DIY over at MIMA (in German) 


W had a little operation today
but he´s coming home tomorrow
and plans on being up and about in a couple of days
doing "light" work, since no work at all would be crazy for him
riding my bike with a basket full of new plants
(50% off at the most ugly hardware store)
i came across a huge dump littered with KFC trash and full of blooming horsefoot
so stunning
since it´s still rather cold
i´m forcing twigs all over the place
also in our CAN VASE
AND: thank you for all your comments on my easter post
you guys... it means a lot
and they make me want start with a new project right away...
here´s the TINY BOUQUET #32 EASTER that didn´t make the cut
the black cats have definitly left me
their mother is back now
looking rather weak after this harsh winter on the road
ANA KRAS - love her lamps
MARSANO tumblr - makes me even more flower crazy