this post is for my sister Elsa and her boyfriend/partner in arts Samuel
who are currently trying to fund one of their projects by selling an edition of silk screen prints:

We are looking forward to our residency at the "Tanzhaus NRW" this summer which enables us to work intensively on our piece 
"Geben und Nehmen/Fed back by monsters" in their studios in Düsselborf. To be able to pay our dancers, we offer an edition of silkscreen-prints. 
Whoever wants to support us by buying our edition also receives a free ticket to a performance of the piece.

Geben und Nehmen/Fed back by monsters
Elsa Artmann und Samuel Duvoisin
mit Chengcheng Hu, Soo Yeon Kim und Diana Treder

"It is a love that is based on giving and receiving as well as having and sharing. 
And the love that they give and have is shared and received. 
And through this having and giving and sharing and receiving, 
we too can share and love and have and receive."
Matt le Blanc as Joey Tribbiani in „Friends“, preparing Monica and Chandler´s wedding speech

In dem Gefüge aus vier Blöcken, die mit Kabeln untereinander verschaltet sind, formalisiert sich die Grundanordnung jener Dynamik aus Anziehung und Abstoßung, 
mit deren Reihung es dem Leben gelingt, sich selbst zu erhalten. (...)
Homöostate operieren als Apparate der Wiederholung. Sie holen den alten Zustand wieder zurück, der fort zu sein scheint. Sie können aber auch als Fahrzeuge 
in die Veränderung dienen. In ihrer Zweischneidigkeit zeigt sich eine erstaunliche Kippfigur zwischen Totem und Lebendigem. 
Hans-Christian Dany in "Schneller als die Sonne"

to find out more about the project (there´s also a great video about it) and the print edition visit their WEBSITE
as a special treat for my readers they are offering their monsters (shown in the last pictures) for a very awesome prize: 25€ + shipping
(the silk screen prints are  produced using a specially developed grid system  - which can also be found on their website - 
there is actually NO moiré effect on the prints themselves, this occurred only when very unprofessionally photographing them)
to buy one of their pieces (and get a free ticket for their performance) contact them via mail to artmann.duvoisin@gmail.com
GIFs by me,  from a video taken by Arne Schmitt, edited by Stephanie Felber