last year i was asked to do a print for the fashion label 0941
i had already done a few BEFORE
so i was super happy to get to create another one for the S/S2015 collection
available HERE
when i´m designing such things often i have no idea what will come out of it in the end
so here i show you some on-the-way versions
that did not end up printed on silk like the final print
a few weeks ago i played around with the clothes behind my house
enjoying a a bit of sunshine
and looking very much not like a model
pictures of the real model are by ANDREAS FUCHS
oh, how i love the contrast between us two


we really do have the nicest clients
actually lots of them
and when we do custom orders there´s quite a bit of talking and emailing back and forth
so we get to know each other a bit and get to be part of their story
which is a very nice thing
a while ago Antonio asked us to create an engagement ring for his future finance Marta
(they are both architects and fond of a simple and clean style)
based on the design of the VERY TINY RINGS and the FANCY STONE RINGS
using a black diamond
he also wanted to give her some pictures about the ring making process
so we took some while we worked on it
of our sketches, choosing of the stone and the gold tone to go with it
casting the gold, working on ring and cast, soldering and the adding of the final touches
it´s really hard to capture everything since most of the time you can´t make out what we´re doing
and the material is hidden in our hands anyway
(+ a black diamond is a very secretive stone who comes to light rather in movement)
but it´s a nice story about how the TINY MARTA RING came to life
and after Marta said YES in Paris (so sweet, right?!) 
we even got some pictures of the freshly engaged couple, the ring AND the Eiffel tower
thank you so much, Antonio for this lovely opportunity
and all the best for you two!
also thank you so much to all those other amazing customers
who we get to work with
we are very happy indeed