some of elsas new dresses
made of vintage mens shirts using just the existing material (fabric, buttons) - except new thread.
nr.2 and nr.3 are still looking for a new owner...


a new delivery just arrived from slovakia - already got some ideas for new necklaces...
favorite perfume and little muji box
trees and nailpolish


that baklava from the last post - amazing

now i have to try every recipe using the delicious secret ingredient "läuterzucker" from the new issue of essen und trinken

this time: physalis (gooseberry?) - pecan - cake


didn`t know about my love for cutlery until i found a pair of forks from wmf stockholm (designed by Kurt Mayer and William Fraser i think) at the flea market - then i had to search ebay and this is what i got.
trying this baklava with sesame and pumpkin seeds today.


the first necklaces of the "spring-collection"
and the always changing little-trees-pillowcase


some fabric (probably 1950´s - 1960´s) from the flea market


the little lemon-crop - she´s making jam right now


a finished pillow and some new trees - found on various blogs and in my mothers 1920`s archives


my wishlist...


grattis på födelsedagen*, klara! - if you know what i mean...

* happy birthday!


to ring out pumpkin-season i made the pumpkin-haselnut-pie from my christmas cookbook.

Have a nice save trip and a perfect first day in sweden, klara!
and let us know all about it very soon right here!


didn´t use one of these scetchbooks in years, and now this happend - a new drawing "style" - how exciting. starting a new one tomorrow.

a flower vase from anna ebenbeck i got my mother at one of the christmas markets with some cherry twigs in it


finished my second cross-stitch-pillowcase - that´s what i do suffering from a very insistent slipped disk.
and a new necklace, made with beads from one of my lovely bead-importers


mothers amaryllis and tulips and the last not-packed-away christmas ornament


more violet...
turned those pretty eggplants into Jamie Olivers "melanzane alla parmigiana" - although i own THIS BOOK for years now, i just recently discoverd this recipie - what a shame, the breadcrumb-crust is so delicious. due to my dislike of panfried eggplant-slices (hate the smell) i baked them in the oven following SOPHIE DAHLS version. celebrities and cooking - my favorite combination...
at last - one of my favorite violet necklaces.


i`m quite obsessed with lilac.
got a new pair of "mauve" Falke tights yesterday - they were on sale.
i like to think this is the colour of the Falke stockings Chuck brings back to Blair - returning from his trip to Europe/Germany, realizing he loves her...
maybe i`m going to stich a plum-tree - i`m in the right colour-mood for it.


found a little tree on HER BLOG and cross stitched a small wood for a little pillow.

i like the white beads and i like the blue ones (thank you very much, sara!), but i`m not sure about the combination...