took a trip to Stuttgart this weekend 
to visit a farewell exhibition of my professor and his students 
so nice to see all my classmates again
apparently i´m not used to those "big" cities anymore
got a huge head ache and had to leave the party way to early
balkan brass is not helping with a migraine
that´s probably how you turn out
when all you do is spending time in the workshop
or dugging around in the garden
(with a lot of help from my "garden assistant" and my sister)
most of one of my shadowy beds is now ready
and looks a bit hideuos with all those tiny plants
the first thing i did with my numbed brain in Stuttgart
was getting those Chloe flats on sale
the softest leather, the prettiest blue
unfortunatly only available half a size too big
but that´ll do
dried rose petals
pink hued grass and sorrel
a painted looking geranium
and a little glimpse of our tiny summer jewellery collection
we´re working on right now