E had a photo shooting of some of her dresses made of mens´shirts
they are looking pretty great - dresses and girls
(if someone´s interested - some of them are for sale)
i snatched one of these patterns - missed out last time
now i have to convince E to sew for me, my slipped disc wont allow it...
pictures by Sebastian Kissel - great job!!!


it took me over a year of blogging to find out how to upload pictures in my preferred size...
got a fabulous present: a canon 500d
do you recognize the difference? i sure do...
can´t stop taking pictures
of the first red quinoa we´ve ever tried
of flowers bought from a bearded woman at the farmers market
of a new blouse
and of some book binding E did recently
using thrown away drawings inside and silkscreen maculation outside
it´s quite pretty i think


preparing some pebbles
starting plum season today with this plum oatmeal bread
(aren´t these plum tree pictures over at saipua amazing?!)
quite busy stitching


started a bit of cross stitching again
a purple succulent from the flea market (you can get the most amazing flowers there, not looking "used" at all)
it´s one of the most beautiful plants i´ve ever seen - so there surely are more pictures to come
working on the leaf of a columbine


first of all:
thank you so much for all your nice comments! they mean a lot to us!
W even took off his glasses to pick a name:
the winner of the little heart necklace giveaway is Catherine
thank you all for playing!
the white plastic letters are one of last saturdays flea market finds
(a bit of magnetic tape goes with them, you can attach it on their back side)
the yellow tumbler is for K and her friends on the hunt for some special mice in Tirol
next to it a puff ball from grandmothers garden
tasted like a mushroomy marshmallow
it was okay at first but when we finished our meal we decided this should be a once in a life time experience only


the last one - at least for now:
made of brass and silver
we really like the structure of the embossed and tinted brass
reminds us of the florescence of a sun flower
there are little siblings of this one coming up...soon
find it HERE
you still can win our little giveaway - leave a comment HERE till tomorrow


if you read this blog you probably have seen a few of these
these pendants are very special
you take a side profile picture of your child, sibling, loved one, friend, ...
and we turn it into a charm
handmade of 925 silver on a silver necklace
to keep them always with you
and if you have more than one to keep you company
we affix them to the necklace in your prefered order
find more about them HERE
picture down left by 0941
don´t forget: GIVEAWAY!


next one:
to keep a bit of summer with you all year round
a little silver leaf of a woodland strawberry
on a magenta coloured ribbon with a silver bajonet nut connector (for german readers: Bajonettverschluss)
find it HERE
don´t forget to leave a comment to win a little giveaway HERE


here we go:
actually four of them
we like pebble, we really do
we think it´s precious and it should be treated like that
have a look at them RIGHT HERE


anniversary - shop opening - giveaway

it´s wsake´s one year anniversary today
and there´s something new about wsake too
A and W were quite busy lately and worked on a little jewellery collection
the first items are now in our new online shop
here a bit about who we are and how we work:
W is a silver smith and A a graphic designer (but always liked to work in W´s workshop) - it´s a father-daughter-collaboration
now we developed a few things together
they are all handmade and each item is unique
we would be very happy if you´d like to stop by at our little shop and have a look
we´re presenting every piece here this week, too
to celebrate the anniversary and the shop opening we decided to have a little giveaway
it´s a little heart necklace made of 925 silver - the pendant is about 1,5 cm wide and the necklace 50 cm long
to win - just leave a comment until wednesday 18th


these necklaces - and a few more - are now available at boutique therese, regensburg
stop by later this week at our blog, there´s a little surprise waiting for you!


flood water at the danube
she doesn´t only look like a huge rapid river now she sounds like one too
even the little bridge started to vibrate
you probably have already tried this rosemary shortbread - we were new to it and those last two pieces were devoured in a flash


a little shadow and sun from last weekend
it´s all gone now
grey and rainy
do you read books by alexander mccall smith?
he´s not very well known in germany except for his the no. 1 ladies´ detectiv agency series, although the professor dr von igelfeld entertainment novels are set in my home town regensburg - i have to get them next. i like the sunday philosophy club and 44 scotland street series best but what irritates me is his or his charakters art taste - it looks like theres only naturalistic portrait and landscape painting and drawings of flowers and animals. and they really dislike the turner price. it feels a bit small minded. but i´m such a fan of bertie i won´t mind all that...


just finished a few glass beads necklaces
i think there are some nice colour combinations and i will redo some of them for myself