by now i´ve started to appreciate the most unlikely things about my new life

for example the mixture of dust, hair (mine and cat´s), seeds from the garden and crushed dry cat food
covering my floors since vacuuming has become a non-priority
have to force my workshop help to get himself glasses, since he really has bad eye sight when it comes to details
but we´ve just finished the very last LOOKING GUY COMB and KISSING GUY BARRETTES ever
it´s now or never in case you´ve had your eyes on them
also that TOURMALINE RING is for sale now - the stone is very slightly chipped but still delightful
and do check out our CUSTOM MADE section for more examples of engagement rings and wedding bands
it´s ice tea time around here
well, actually just fridge-cold tea, since i don´t care for the ice cubes
THIS ONE is very fancy
but i´m lazy and just brew my favorite GREEN TEA BLEND (having the most inappropriate name) instead
you know that feeling when you want to burst into tears cutting up an apricote-mascarpone-galette
because of frustration and fear since handling a knife doesn´t work properly and hurts a lot
and because where the f... is this going
you (hopefully) don´t and please know: you´re very lucky
the next day i made RASPBERRY COCNUT SCONES - no knifes needed, no crying: excellent
slicing a pound of strawberries very likely made everything worse
since social media tricked me into trying to dehydrate them
my oven turned them into red soup stuck onto paper which then had to be peeled/cracked off
i´d say it´s a waste of fruit, work and energy but my mum likes them
and after i turned them into powder i was amazed by the fact how little space they now take up
also i´ve joined Netflix just to watch CHEF´S TABLE
a series i very much adore since some of them seam to have risen from their ashes
facing such huge personal struggles but still turning shit into gold
(my personal mantra - i´d take brass or silver, too)
but right now i don´t feel like doing just that again - still too weak and so full of fear
then unexpectedly another find - DEAD LIKE ME - made me happy in the weirdest way
yes, i do wear that SEE SUN top almost every day and now probably those PALOMA WOOL SHOES too
and if i had any money i would spend it HERE HEREHERE and HERE
besides on food, books and good causes of course
our BOOK CLUB GROUP had a meeting again last week
and next up is a classic summery read: THE TALENTED MR RIPLEY by PATRICIA HIGHSMITH
we´ll meet 17.8, 7.30 pm

in case you´d like to join - just let me know