The idea was probably born when I saw a picture of a girl wearing a really delicate necklace with a short inserted hefty chunk of chain - this was when I started coming up with a way to use up our left over pieces from all those necklaces we have made over the years. In W´s case it would have to be rather decades that years, so there was quite a bit around. For a few weeks I puzzled together all of those little bits discovering even more and more in every box and drawer I opened and assembled them into a set of necklaces, using various sized eyelets. They have a lovely weight to them and I´m really into the rhythm created by the different lengths and sizes of the elements - of course I´d love to keep them all: SILVER RECYCLING NECKLACES. And then there are FACES for you, HOUR GLASS EAR STUDS (so you never run out of time), BUBBLE PENDANTS we can emboss with anything you want to say and we created a HAMMERED version of our DOTTED RINGS.

A friend lent me her tiny lightbox and I played around with it for a bit, kind of into it, might get one of my own one time. 

Also: our (really) TINY HEART + STAR NECKLACES are back, this time made of brass on a string of silk and we added eyelets to our LETTERED PENDANTS so you can wear them on any kind of necklace.