we´d like to invite you all to our SUMMER FAIR

Saturday, 5.7.
3 - 8 p.m.

Am Gries 35

Stadtamhof, Regensburg

we will show our SUMMER COLLECTION 

and the upcoming TROPICAL COLLECTION launching on that very day

together with beautiful ceramics from OTCHIPOTCHI
including our newest collaboration

there will by summery drinks and treats for sure
bring your friends!

we can´t wait to welcome you at our showroom!

and as a special treat for those who can´t make it

new pieces will be added to the SAMPLE SALE in the SHOP next Saturday
and of course you will find our plant hanger collaboration
and the TROPICAL COLLECTION online too


W isn´t that into finishing pieces anymore since i´m working with him
so i did the last steps for the golden ring we made for S´s birthday
i guess it´s called a shell ring in english
and it´s a shame i didn´t take more pictures of the process
since you wouldn´t believe how this one came to life
S and me got a bit carried away succulent shopping at the flea market
like i said before an excellent place to score amazing species at an even more excellent price
the succulents on my patio suffered from various kinds of sunburn
water drops, glass and brass planter induced
poor things - stupid me
also from the flea market:
a jewel bird for bird watching K and a wooden monkey for S
she probably should have become a monkey zoo keeper instead of an elementary school teacher
well, maybe it´s kind of similar though
a sneak peak of a new piece i was working on with the wonderful PAULA
to be found in our shops in a couple of weeks


still working on those new earrings
trying out some arrow shapes
one shot up
one shot down
i think it´s fun
lot´s of sunshine
and plant louse infested geraniums
they´re gonna get a quite poisonous treatment tonight
and i have to find a way to make those sheep ricotta + cheese balls without eggs
maybe i´ll add some soaked chia seeds
has anyone ever used those instead of eggs?
cat had an unfortunate incident with a tilted window
but since i found her within minutes
it doesn´t look like she´s having severe injuries
she´s pretty pissed though about having to stay inside again
instead of climbing the apple tree and napping on the patio
i´m currently rereading Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout
at first it might seam slightly sentimental
but it´s actually the best, spot on characters and brilliant writing
and as odd as everything might be it makes total sense
that´s all i can say
are there any other fans of her out there?
i´d love to hear!
(i wasn´t that into The Burgess Boys but i´m thinking about reading her other ones as well)
BOOK CLUB by Book Stand


started stitching again
a cushion cover for W, started on Father´s Day
it might be ready for Christmas
somehow pain always leads to stitching
i´ve got a whole collection of back pain cushion covers
those marzipan + dark chocolate scones however are more a Winter treat
but it has been quite cold around here in the last days
my begonias before their annual dusting shower
and some new ear studs
since my ears aren´t pierced i have to hold them up to them to see how they´ve turned out
lily of the valley picked the day before my operation
they´re dried by now but still smelling divine
RHUBARB SYRUP - thank you for the reminder ALMA
a wonderful POST about healing and patience - just in time for me
Cloud In Hand WEAVING