Happy New Years Eve!
i don´t have any resolutions for next year
but i hope it´s going to be a good one for everybody
while listening to CHAMPAGNE CHARLIE


lazy days
hanging around in pyjamas
thinking of making CINNAMON BUNS
cold and snowy
but sunny once in a while


Merry Christmas to you!
found the dress for today...
a few presents for my sisters


the last days...
full of Christmas things


these are probably the last STARS i´m preparing for christmas
or is there anyone in need of some more?
we get out the first pieces of vintage ornaments now
and yes, we love pink ones


i´ve heard mice love chocolate, so i fed her some sprinkles
yesterday i had my forth MRI
this time to check out my intestines
everything´s looking great
but still no clue what´s causing the inflamated vertebras
the girl prepping me was so calm and steady
and really kept me from freaking out because of disgusting contrast medium,
being strapped down on a stretcher,
surrounded by all this life saving but scary medical technology
didn´t even mind to stop breathing when she told me so over the headphones
i hope the universe has some kind of rewarding system for those people
an extra slice of luck or something like that
now i´m concentrating on finding the perfect christmas party dress


little fan snacking on black lentils
we humans turned them into SPICY SQUASH SALAD WITH LENTILS
my new hanging-around-dress
a little mouse - now turned into a necklace
for someone who appreciates them a lot
christmasy silver swarf from filing


today the lovely HOW TO SET A TABLE print arrived
still so so white everywhere around here
hurry up German (and eventually EU) readers
if you want to get your orders in time for christmas
especially the CUSTOM MADE ones


never ending snow
guess i have never seen this much
a bit obsessed with little trees
- adorned with the EMBOSSED HEART NECKLACE
worked on a new packaging idea
now all the tiny necklaces can be used as a special greeting card, too
quite handy for christmas...


apparently i´ve been good this year
St Nicholas brought not only chestnuts to roast every evening...
right now i prefer the brown silk version
although the red one is pretty festive, too


white and quiet everywhere
frost pattern, red trees and berries
oh so busy right now


we have way more snow than in Innsbruck back in those old days...
i have to get out my vintage cutter for serrated picture edges again
(hope M doesn´t mind that i call it MY cutter...)
it´s so white everywhere you have to wear sunglasses
thank you so much for featuring the SILHOUETTE CHARM
it´s such an honour!
(if your thinking about getting one of those for christmas
- hurry up so you get it right in time!


new beads - new love
i really have a thing for those grey ones
packing some things for a job interview
and my sparkling vest
very cosy for these snow storm days


still snowing
we found some christmas tigers for our nephew - don´t show him yet,N!
a huge glass bead parcel arrived today
so amazing to discover all those new shades and shapes
thank you big time, Sara!


first snow
quite cold in the workshop
setting up a work bench in the kitchen now


hello there, high tech chain of LED lights!
you have to wear sunglasses at night to work with them
should i keep this mosaic style scarf?
i know i got more than enough...


these black and white pictures have nothing to do with it
but at the checkout counter of a drugstore
i found both seasons of PUSHING DAISIES
good for me
but actually i think those should be sold at pastry shops only
it´s a pitty they were canceled after just two seasons
and i turned my favorite cookie cutter into a NECKLACE


dear W,
pretty please make us at least two more of these silver mirrors
we need them to check our complexion
and look at our hair from behind
and the clock down left
yeah... we need that, too
we promise we´d be good
and we get you an other dangerous looking black coat
if you want to
anyone wanna join this wishlist?


please please do some sewing for me, E!
(the lovely WIKSTEN PATTERN just arrived)
got a couple of new lamps - this vintage one is on my nightstand
not sure what to do with my wood made of tiny pressed birch leaves
maybe a postcard?


today WSAKE is part of the great WHERE WE BLOG FROM serie
thank you so much for having me, Jane!
it´s such an honour!
have a look HERE


a salting bunny is a bit odd, i know
those holes in the head - cruel
but i couldn´t help it - the red Thumper had to come home with me
(K already got a yellow one)
stamping wrapping paper
and our embossed alphabet


we just added a lot of new necklaces to the shop
to get you in a christmassy kind of mood
a few jolly things to give to loved ones and to yourself
bold festive red and snowy white vintage glass beads
a lot of sparkling silver and - for the first time - tiny bits of gold
as always everything is handmade and one of a kind
come on over


thank you so much for your nice comments lately!
i´m still waiting... don´t know what´s gonna come out...
i´ve got some lovely stuff from some lovely bloggers shops in the mail
can´t wait to show you...
down right a postcard from Studio Violet
and i´ve added some variations of the Silhouette Charm to the Shop
working with feathers again, the dark kind
(would you like to get this table cloth for your little blue kitchen, K?)


the doctors acted a bit scared about the new nailpolish i got this weekend
apparently real nails this colour are a very bad sign
now i´m waiting for their verdict
hoping they come up with a way to find out what´s wrong
without drilling into my vertebra


actually i decided to live on chocolate croissants
but today i´m turning these beauties into Beer Baked Beans
tomorrow i´ll get my inflamed vertebras checked out by some specialists
i´m a bit scared though
maybe i´ll take Little Laughing Dog with me to cheer me up
( yesterday i listened to Gigi
now i´d like to throw some langue de chat at a rich guy
who wants to start a scandolous affair
anyone?! )


yesterday i got loads of shirts and sweaters from 0941
the best kind of clothing, the kind you wanna live in
softest fabric, most flattering cut, hand dyed for a one of a kind look
manufactured in Italy
i did some prints for their summer 2011 collection
you can see it HERE
what am i gonna wear today?


the second season of The Killing started two weeks ago
very exciting
they are featuring the best dark circles around the eyes
and Lund has a new red sweater
makes me wanna knit while watching
got inspired by my favorite vintage cookie cutter
you just wait and see


trying to take better pictures of the Custom Made Silhouette Charm
not completly satisfied yet
an other plate from the 50s collection
we turned some of our apple crop into Maple-Brandy Apple Butter
and since we don´t have pecans around here
i substituted those Rosmary and Thyme Candied Pecans with walnuts and almonds
delicious nevertheless
an autumnal nailpolish called "chop-sticking to my story"
don´t know what that means...


again - pink and violet shades
i´m mostly wearing neutrals, so i need some colour
not sure what to knit with that wool though - it sits around for over a year now
my favorite Necklace


i need your help with this one:
tiny gold plated baked goods on a string of red silk
- necklaces for christmas time -
too cute? too much?
shall i go with grey silk instead? or offer both possibilities?
hope you all have a sunny autumn friday!


the forth piece of the layer collaboration
at first slots were made into the copper
than the whole surface was coated with enamel
which was taken off again to leave just the slots filled
i guess i´ll turn it into a pendant...
an other tiny heart necklace is on it´s way
a quite belated birthday present...
thinking of putting some of these in the christmas shop
with a red string of silk instead of the brown one


those grapes really looked stunning, but tasted not like you would have expected
this crazy patterned fabric is a tote bag i got from a drugstore
and my most beloved Silk & Glass Necklace
since pumpkin season just started i´d like to share my new favorite recipe
adapted from E&T
1 Butternut squash (about 3 pounds)
- diagonally halved, peeled, stem and seeds removed
olive oil
100 g breadcrumbs
2 onions - chopped
2 cloves of garlic - chopped
2 cans (800 g) peeled chopped tomatoes
salt, pepper, sugar, chili
375 g mozzarella - thinly sliced
2 big hands full of grated parmesan
2 twigs rosmary - chopped
slice the upper halve of the pumpkin in 2 mm thin discs
lay them on a tea towel, sprinkled with a bit of salt, for about 30 min
pat dry
grease a baking tray with olive oil and put the pumpkin slices on it
roast for a few minutes in the oven at 200 degree celcius
until slightly brown
cut the other pumpkin halve in tiny cubes
steam onions and garlic in a bit of olive oil
ad tomatoes and pumpkin cubes
simmer for 20 min
season with salt, pepper, sugar, chili and rosemary
grease a big heatproof dish, sprinkle with breadcrumbs
start with a layer of roasted pumpkin slices, then mozzarella, parmesan, tomatoes and breadcrumbs, repeat two or three times
end with a layer of pumpkin slices, topped with mozzarella, parmesan and breadcrumbs
bake in the oven at 200 degree celcius for about 40 min


a few weeks ago i got this beautifully made catalog
about students work from the Troxler class
at the State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart
although i left a year ago now, some of my work - posters and books - is included too
i´m very happy to be featured in this amazing book
it turned out really great, Eva-Maria and Benjamin!
see a few more pages HERE
have to heat up my scarf now before leaving the house


wintery work - just white with a tiny bit of red
i´m tired from the first day at my new little job
guess i have to go to bed right now...
started reading Revolutionary Road two days ago
awful but true so far


hurry up if you want to get your Little Black Cat right in time for halloween
in the meanwhile you can prepare some of the Meringues Bones
she likes to nibble on
she has a seriously scary sweet tooth
working on some christmasy necklaces
even made some Tiny Stars for the golden girls out there
all in the shop in early november


this time - a little bit of blue
guess what: i´m a lucky girl - i won the Mountains Tea Towel giveaway
it is so so pretty
thank you so much, Elisabeth!
some of the enamel pieces for collaboration: layers
i´m not sure what i´m gonna do with them - pendants? brooches?
(these are the other participants: Kathryn Clark, Inklore and Three By Sea)
some new but vintage glass beads
and a golden bag


little pudding molds - one of my finds from a long weekend of flea marketing
i guess they are from the 1920s to 30s - correct me if i´m wrong
finally started to work on this amazing project - october collaboration: layers
decided to begin with a bit of enamel work
since this is all about layering colour and texture
Capri by Essie was my favorite summer nail polish
but it´s pretty perfect for autumn, too


another plate from my 60s collection - at least i think so
apparently much of my tableware is way older than i thought
i have to train my time ranking skills
if it weren´t for the cherries it would make a classic autumnal plate
oh - have you seen those making of
Mad Men pictures?
Little Laughing Dog and Black Cat are kind of getting along now
last bits of pink in the yard
and the Arrow Necklace with a little dash of pink, too


halloween is lurking right behind the corner
and a little eerie creature has just left the workshop
climbing up the trees, observing every move we make
- especially every move Little Laughing Dog makes -
he´s quited frightend by her fearsome habits
she wants to be taken out to some scary party


recently i discovered by adding a little fatsuit
i could easily become a Gerard Depardieu mimic-a-like
not sure if or how i could profit of that fact
very effectiv flea market visiting
got tons of vintage glass beads and other stuff
like crazy coloured turquoise jug
working on scary things...i´ll show you soon


quiet days around here
Mad Men has come to Germany - not that i´m watching it
since my former roommate
( congratulations again to your new own flat, especially to the washmachine!)
convinced me to watch series in their original language some years ago now
and i have to admit - i watched A LOT
and i owe all my English skills to that fact
(i know they are quite small, but anyway...)
but i took some pictures of tableware from that period of time
so here we have a quite usual decor - the happy couple in Italy
in front of a ice cream parlour - a square cake stand
LITTLE LAUGHING DOG got a sleeping injection yesterday due to a minor intervention
so he just idled around with his unequal twin sibling Stuffed Laughing Dog
finally dozing off watching Gilmore Girls
on a very polite pillow saying "sleep well" in crocheted German


i´ll promise - no more plums for this year - these are the last ones
an other sunny day around the summer house
oh, and i actually took a picture of Little Laughing Dog and his wild bunch
here he´s chit-chating with Fine Little Day Donkey
and Slinky Dog - an ancient creature, a few houndred years old
it goes like:
"three right, three up - stitch stitch"
"bark saw saw saw"
i have no idea what it means
Glass Bead Necklaces


have you met LITTLE LAUGHING DOG yet?
he´s a Cocktail Sherrier, a rare but jolly breed - isn´t that right, K?
today he had a small meal of salt & vinegar chips and OLIVE BISCUIT COOKIES
(he can´t show you a picture of these - he didn´t refrigerate the dough long enough
so they didn´t keep their shape and turned out like one giant cookie
their looks would probably keep you from trying these - and you should
don´t forget - it´s all about inner beauty)
now he is of to play in the stormy birch woods
and meeting some of his cross stitch friends
interested in meeting them, too?
well, maybe i´ll manage to take a picture of them...


a post on trees
almost everything you see here is made by or of trees
(well, i don´t know how much of a tree is actually in a polaroid,
but it´s a polaroid of a tree)
is it okay to get wood heating material
and mourning for the trees of Stuttgart at the same time?
i don´t live there anymore
but i every time i went there by train
those giants where the first beautiful sign of this city, a swabian greeting
of course this is nothing
compared to the irreparable damage done to ecosystems every day
yet i am sad
and i feel sorry for those who got hurt trying to save them


W is harvesting and storing apples
it´s starting to get quite chilly outside although the sun is shining
but our little summer house stays cozy with a bit of candle light for heating
the red and yellow striped fabric is a very nice gift from Sara
S finally used it for some pillow cases


this time it´s all about rose
there was a lovely package in the mail today
a vintage recipe binder from liberty of london - it´s the best
almost too pretty to actually write in it
i got it from her amazing shop
also showing a Glass Bead Necklace
- almost to late for it now, there´s such a summery feel about it


big SHOP UPDATE today
come on over - have a look!
lots and lots of new necklaces - well, some of them you probably already know
since i posted about a few while i was working on them
like i already told you, i had an amazing time taking pictures of them
so you´re gonna see a lot of this pretty girl from now on
in the first picture she´s wearing a Silhouette Charm of her mother
look at her smile!


yesterday i had the most amazing sunny fall afternoon in the garden
a lovely girl was over for taking pictures of some of my necklaces
she was very patient and even brought over a bunch of flowers
have you ever heard of such a model?
i sure haven´t
just a tiny blurry preview for now...can´t wait to show you more soon
and i got myself a book on card waving and a box of vintage saddler twine
now i have to work it out


that´s just a minor post about how much i like the colour purple, lilac, violet...
don´t even know the right word for it
but it makes me buy old-fashioned dried flowers on the farmers market
and cook something using plums almost every day now


this weekend i was invited over to friends for pumpkin tortellini
most delicious by the way
(tried to convince them to start a blog called
"The Fons, a dash of chayenne pepper and me")
and having a lunch made of pumpkin for the first time this year
i noticed it´s autumn now
so i decided to add a few sets of MAPLE CARDS to the shop
they are offset printed in black and gold and each one is watercoloured by hand
to give it the same unique look like the leaves blown of the tree
have a look in THE SHOP!