way to much pictures
way to much fun taking pictures of my performing sister
way to late to eliminate some of them
wishing you all a very happy easter
hopefully with lots of eggs, sunshine and a bit of spring in the air
i´ll be wearing a vegan fur collar and hat made of pussy willow with a little help of a glue gun
which is actually a real weapon, kept around the house hot and loaded
 all the best to K and her sick travelling companion  - get well soon
and greetings into the jungle of costa rica
(bunny egg cosy pattern by LA CASITA)


a thank you for the three HUI HUI girls, too
i slightly injured almost all my fingers while working really hard on a new collection
also i got very good at cursing in fake languages when fiddling with the tricky parts
it seems to be heritable
this time there were a lot of pieces that didn´t work out how we thought
lots of experiments
since a lot of things are finally taking shape now
i can sleep again - after the discovery of using a sleeping mask
it´s enough with winter and snow now
even though the grass pattern looks quite nice
come back here soon, i have a Eastery post coming up
aren´t those VASES pretty?! 
they would be perfect for the TINY BOUQUETS
thank you for the link, RIKE


found a hydrangea with lace rimmed flowers i was looking for a long time
in the home plant department of a quite depressing garden shop
where not even the herbs would smell
i got one just like this once from my roommate for my birthday
but it soon died - i hope this one is more robust
it´s future place in the garden is still coverd in ivy though
and i gave up upon removing it myself
my back says no - now i´m thinking of bribing someone into doing it for me
somehow i still like to wear dark blue corduroy trousers
almost like those dungarees worn while showing off some snowdrops at the age of three
some things don´t change
playing around with different kinds of flour
rice, buckwheat and sweet chestnut - a cake made with olive oil and goat milk
it has a most absurd nougaty texture
after knitting this WIKSTEN HAT three times so far i got an OTHER ONE
it is quite cold after all again
a post about TALKING ABOUT FOOD made me dream of an Astrid Lindgren summer
finished THE BELL JAR for my reading group
left me almost paralysed, shockingly touching
somehow i was worried the season finale of GIRLS would end just like that
my story for REMEDY QUARTERLY is now ONLINE in case you´re interested


reading your most kind words
made me already start some new "projects"
it will take a while, but i´m very excited about working on them
thank you all
winning an awesome silk scarf from the amazing girls of HUI HUI
made me a very happy fellow
it´s such a beautiful treasure
the sun - oh my - i´m so in love with her
it´s going to be more cloudy and cold the next few days
but she was out for some long days now
which i spent in the garden with my new best enemies ivy and mahonia
ripping and chopping away until my feet started to shake
no end in sight though
my uncle will come round with a chain saw and a huge axe soon
an abandoned nursery in my neighborhood is going to be torn down
so we set out to save at least a fraction of a huge sweeping bed of Chinese anemone, limonium and tulips
our family has kind of a rescue habit
once we didn´t only take the hydranges, ferns and peonies but also the vintage wrought iron fence
before they could throw everything away
my first roses
almost being 30 is probably a good time to start trying to grow some
and only one rosa gallica ROBERT LE DIABLE
the other ones are apparently "blooming constantly" which has a very nice ring to it
i had now idea that i into primroses
but standing in a hothouse full of them
made me fall for those cuties
and i want at least a thousand of those frittilaria uva-vulpis
this brass olive branch wreath is probably my sawing masterpiece so far
we´re working on a quite clean and abstract collection
and this is the whimsical counterpart
it needs to be lasercut, since no one could pay for those hours of sawing
these SHOES or those SHOES