a little china dove and me
finally finishing the last christmas cards for this season
but i guess it will still take two weeks until everything is finished
and available in the shop
but there will be some very nice things
so do wait up a bit with buying gifts:)
there will even be some colour this time
not only silver and brass
right now i´m stringing the tiniest vintage baroque pearls
combined with corals or turquoise
as you like
got a pilea from ANDREA a couple of weeks back
she was so kind to swap a cutting for some of my geraniums
THE blogger plant i guess
took the picture right after potting it
it has already grown at least three more leaves
leaves are also part of the upcoming OTCHIPOTCHI collection
and obviously a great joy for the cat
what you can´t see is her shaved back
she got a benign lump removed
spent a day walking around like a drunkard and sounding like one too
now she´s as good as new
nature is crazy
chestnuts, primroses and cloves started to bloom again
and the poppies never stopped in the first place
off to making some quince jam for my sisters
after that some more christmassy work