for the last weeks i just couldn´t stop to preserve stuff
- turning the last grapes not affected by mildew into raisins (consisting only of skin and seeds)
  we had to cut down two "vinyards" completely, now we´re hoping for better health next year
- drying hop and turning it into loose tea and little pillows in the future
  i was a bit confused about its ability to brighten your mood and make you sleep really good at the same time
  until i found out hop is actually a hallucinogenic plant, then it started to make sense
  mine was "imported" from the Hollertau, one of Bavaria´s biggest hop growing areas
  so i suppose it´s the good stuff
- canning the mirabelles growing right beside my compost heap
  i used a RECIPE not involving all that hot water stuff, but a sugar syrup instead
  we´ll see how they´ll keep - right now they´re looking like tiny suns caught in a jar
  which is exactly what i wish for - we´re currently blessed with glorious weather to no end
  and i´m more scared than ever of fall and winter to come
  so i´m trying to soak it all up, living by Manrepeller´s hashtag #LOVESUMMERHATEEVERYTHINGELSE
  (FRL TEXT is very into mirabelle confetti right now too and turns them into a very fine crumble)
also there are some new beginnings in the workshop
we turned some of the suns i scribbled with my left hand (the right one was off duty...) on one of my very dire days
into ear rings in silver and brass
since W and me decided to make really advanced stuff as long as possible together
with me being the "dictator" and him being the executor
working with metal can only be done in very, very small doses by me
so we´re changing a lot of the things involved in production
like starting to work with wax for the first time ever
(W hates it big time and keeps on making prototypes in brass - i have no other possibility than to love it
and i think i actually do, it´s so much more easy on my arms)
and since i realized that what i have is probably some kind of mystery disease
and the doctors do not know how or what to treat
i figured i have to do a lot of the healing myself which includes a lot of weird rituals
like applying magnesium oil after taking a shower, using a lot of WALA Aconit oil (thanks for the suggestion, S!),
and trying to sooth my heartburn with more natural things like medicinal clay or fennel-galangal pills
also i´m really interested in healing stones right now and started to make myself some necklaces
using mostly antique beads i found at flea markets over the years
those corals and naturally (baroque) shaped pearls are my favorite - both are supposed to put your mind and body to ease
by helping you deal with trauma and fear
also i do have the feeling drinking lots of cold green tea over those hot summer weeks
has helped a bit with my blood preasure
there´s a very tiny blurry glimpse of one of our PUZZLE RINGS in the new Claire Ptak COLUMN in The Guardian
actually you can only recognize it if you know for sure it´s actually there
but it´s cute nevertheless