today, a year ago, my grandmother died
the way she always wanted, almost in an INSTANT
gone so fast
now my goal is to always make her the most beautiful WREATH (in her opinion)
on the whole graveyard
this one turned out a bit too monutonous for my liking
made of her favorite berries, cuttings from her yew tree (poisonous, but soft and easy to work with)
and some flowers i dried after shooting them in a VASE
(a good excuse for being a severe flower hoarder)
next time i need to get a bit more adventurous
a quite unusal christmassy picture of her
dressed up as St. Mary
although at that time she was kind of a wild tomboy
with a even wilder nickname - Waldl
playing the guitar, winning ski races and all
we miss her very much
there is so much i want to show her
since we gathered so many twigs and berries
i made an other wreath - for the living
don´t know where to put it yet
 either my mum gets it or i find a place in my flat for it
there´s not much room left
since i went overboard with all the decorations
that was what i wanted to do when it happend last year
and i think she would have liked it
cold and snowy