happy halloween everybody
forced W to go hunting with me
for lovely coloured twigs and berries in the park
so i could make a seasonal arrangement
actually i wanted to include some spooky bones
but the only ones i found in our garden
were tiny relicts from our bunnies
(now the hole thing has to stay outside
due to the ever so sticking goldenrod seeds)
also i added my creepy feet in traditional oberpfälzer stockings
and a new BOOK with bones on it


just a quick post before heading out in the rain
for a bit of acupuncture
as always i´m way too late in making christmas cards
this time i had about 10 different motives
and now i´m choosing 4 to actually be printed
on glossy silver card board
to add something bright to this grey day
i think i´ll turn those quinces into compote


not in the best mood today
has someting to do with work stuff, foggy suburbs and a bit of back pain
almost killed a plant by drying it out completly
and i thought i´m more the root rotting kind
but my basil cuttings thrive pretty and bloom
didn´t know that this was possible with perennial plants
until RENILDE told me
and to fight off the fog and cold
i´m wearing my MUKU (have a look at their adorable childrens clothes) scarf today
(hopefully W doesn´t try to steal i from me again)


THEY said those scarlet runner beans are so beautiful
i would have to take a picture
right after i opend the pod
so that is what i did
and then i got a nailpolish called peridot
which goes very well with EMBOSSED PENDANTS
and geranium leafs


really don´t like working on my computer right now
so much better to glue together cardboard, saw letters and paint them
or producing custom made PENDANTS
i thought embossing was hard so W was doing most of it
but it turns out i´m a natural
please order some more
it´s so much fun
and my physiotherapists say it´s better for me anyway
did you find the tiny spot of geranium in this post?


i´m salting
a few years ago i tried to recreate Benvenuto Cellinis Saliera
in salt and pepper
now i´m working on a more Christmassy project


one more day and autumn is supposed to arrive
after those unbelievable sunny days
almost got a sun stroke yesterday
make this TOMATO SOUP right away
but double the amount
since you´re going to love it that much
dozens and dozens of peonies produced one single seed
put it in soil right away
please do not tell me growing peonies doesn´t work that way
because i already see myself as a successful flower farmer here
it´s going to be that luscious pale pink kind...