to a new and very happy year!
i made my annual account
and it was almost as awful as i thought it would turn out
but your orders (especially around Christmas time) 
put a silver lining to an otherwise disastrous calculation
but i guess this is what working freelance is about
you have to wait if it takes off or stop it
not stopping yet
maybe the new year gets better
found a sleepy lady bug in the TINY BOUQUET #28 NEW YEARS EVE
this certainly means best of luck
the flowery wall painting is the only pretty thing
in this suburb i live in
and it fades away more each time i walk by
a little package from TI made me very happy
next to a wonderful smelling tiny wreath 
there is a small vintage stamp saying "gold"
it´s so lovely - thank you so so much!
BUCKWHEAT BUTTER COOKIES with white chocolate
i´m so lucky to have met all those lovely and kind people
with a little help of this blog in 2012
so this makes up for a financially bumpy road

thank you for all your support
you are the best!


this morning i finished the last orders and put them in the mail
such a busy week
with so many surprises in my mailbox
some waiting under the tiny pine Christmas tree
some opend right away - like RIKEs wonderful package
a tiny tree to stamp my wrapping paper and a wreath stamp (she knows me so well...)
thank you all - i´m over the moon!!!
can´t wait to open this beautiful little box from OLGA
presents for my sisters and myself
finally got to make JULIEs berberis candy
it´s delicious
(thank you for the recipe and the ingredients)

whoever designed this fun moon cookie cutter
is a great artist, it´s my favorite
now i want to wish everybody a lovely Christmas time
may it be merry and bright
i´m going to white torture my sisters with my Holiday samplers now
(since i started to watch Homeland a few days ago i know how it´s done
additionally i´ll turn up the radiators real high - they are not used to this warmth
since they have to heat with coal)
for making me buy my own Christmas gifts
some things i liked:
a CARVEN JACKET (not available in my size...)
DECEMBER ROSES (Saipua again - can´t help it)
Rike´s HANDMADE post


have you seen the wreaths over at SAIPUA - aren´t they most beautiful?!
HERE is a tutorial
now the one from the last post has to go to therapy because of self esteem issues
got a lovely surprise package form NINA
(will show you what´s actually in there some other time)
but the bees wax candle alone made me very happy with its lovely smell
(also: golden raffia and a wooden mold with a squirrel looking like a monkey)
she also found a recipe for tiny SNOWBALLS
the big ones are from MILAS DELI
very delicious and both gone in an instant
and i have to thank you for your orders
yesterday i had to tape my fingers to bear a few hours of filing
next to a wood burning stove
having quite some trouble to get the workshop warm
since someone forgot to fire it up in time...
my work area looks kind of weird
it´s kind of makeshift but awesome
since i work standing not sitting
and W built it with all kinds of found things
the sun comes out
and makes my vintage glass walnuts shimmer golden in the light
have a lovely advent weekend everybody
two gift guides i like: 


today, a year ago, my grandmother died
the way she always wanted, almost in an INSTANT
gone so fast
now my goal is to always make her the most beautiful WREATH (in her opinion)
on the whole graveyard
this one turned out a bit too monutonous for my liking
made of her favorite berries, cuttings from her yew tree (poisonous, but soft and easy to work with)
and some flowers i dried after shooting them in a VASE
(a good excuse for being a severe flower hoarder)
next time i need to get a bit more adventurous
a quite unusal christmassy picture of her
dressed up as St. Mary
although at that time she was kind of a wild tomboy
with a even wilder nickname - Waldl
playing the guitar, winning ski races and all
we miss her very much
there is so much i want to show her
since we gathered so many twigs and berries
i made an other wreath - for the living
don´t know where to put it yet
 either my mum gets it or i find a place in my flat for it
there´s not much room left
since i went overboard with all the decorations
that was what i wanted to do when it happend last year
and i think she would have liked it
cold and snowy



now i´m - allowed to listen to tacky Christmas songs
and decorate the kitchen (birch wreath inspired by NINA)
since it´s getting quite cold
i try really hard to lure the little black ones into the house
but they are not very adventurous
even though they do not like the snow
it´s also time to make a (lot of) wish(es)
so here we go:
these BOOTS in black
this COAT in olive and this CARDIGAN
and since i´m literally living in those since October i might get another of these JUMPERS 
(looks good in "tan", doesn´t it)
a MEMOIR by Grace Coddington
the Sprouted Kitchen COOKBOOK
i admit it  - i do love FRIENDS
the BOOK about the Makers Project
i wish W could make this BRACELET for myself
time to come up with ideas and actually make some furniture for my bedroom and kitchen
(all i know so far is that brass and marble should be involved)
a festive KINFOLK magazine (already arrived thanks to a...)
the BLANKET from Zierrat und Gold
CHRISTMAS CARDS by Hanna Konola (swapped last year, put up now) - also JOULUKALENTERI
a closet full of these WIRE HANGERS
meals shared with sisters and friends
to be continued
have a nice first Sunday in Advent