this heat seems to turn everything yellow
i´ve come to like this colour
but my first William Morris rose was peach coloured
last weekend we had a nice garden party
with quite a few cases of overeating (W and me being two of them)
so many nice people and so much good food
some of them traveled quite a bit to be here
(thank you so much JULIE and Rainer for coming
and trusting us with this lovely project)
somehow i´ve only managed to take a single picture
the one of the yellow vase filled with anemone japonica who doesn´t like to be cut
VASE CAPS with tiny garlic
my stack on UNRULY THINGS - thank you so much, Alyson
(i have to admit i never wear that many rings at once, 
it´s not that practical when handling tools and such)
the nicest write up on MISS MOSS - thank you very much, Diana
have a wonderful sunny weekend