Love day is upon us and hearts are running wild. Ours too. We tried to tie them down with a bit of red twine - didn´t help. So we´re happy to send some heart shaped jewelry (along with some emojis) to you and your loved ones.

Order within the next week to get your lovey-dovey piece in time for Valentine´s Day (innerhalb Deutschlands - for in-time delivery within the EU order NOW)!

Above: EXTREMELY TINY HEART RING - for those wearing their hearts on their fingers and not on their sleeves.
EIGHT-ERNITY NECKLACES - we´re very proud of the name and the price too. It doesn´t get better than this. / I only had a red pointed pepper at home which made this CHEDDAR JALAPENO OATMEAL BREAD almost look romantic. Highly recommended. / Also recommended: subscribing to a very luscious newsletter hitting your mailbox every Sunday night (makes you - well, me -  want to put on red lipstick just to read it) - DISHES TO DELIGHT / Also luscious and excellent for putting that collection of vintage heart cookie cutters to use: Nigella Lawsons CUSTARD CREAM HEARTS
No newsletter would be complete without a link to a Hadley Paper card: LITTLE HEART / "He, who considered himself easy-going and anti-confrontation, retreated into himself, absorbing her rage into a bedrock of resentment and guilt." THE YOUTHS by Lisa Owens in case you don´t want to feel too romantic. / Sophie Calles QUESTIONNAIRE: "What would you like to recieve for your birthday? Cite three living artists whom you detest. (...) What has love made you capable of doing?" 
Brand new EXTREMELY TINY HEART EAR STUDS to go with all the other very small heart jewelry. / I recently gifted someone this POPCORN MAKER and it´s the best thing ever. I like it best buttered, with sugar and a bit of salt, but this CHILE LIME TEQUILA version sounds intriguing too. / FLOWERS FOR YOU.
EXTREMELY TINY HEART NECKLACES (with a brass or silver pendant) for those of the bursting heart. Or is it a ringing heart? It kind of looks like a phone, doesn´t it? I apparently don´t really get that emoji. / FRIEND-DATING  / "It seems that female pain is very in nowadays, Hannah remarked." - POSE by Ana Kinsella / "I´m cute like that." - A glimpse into THE POETIC METHOD by Petja Ivanova. / A rose coloured SWEATER VEST. / For those in need of a bit of refuge: The new remake of ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL. / ICH BIN DEIN MENSCH.