this post is for my sister Elsa and her boyfriend/partner in arts Samuel
who are currently trying to fund one of their projects by selling an edition of silk screen prints:

We are looking forward to our residency at the "Tanzhaus NRW" this summer which enables us to work intensively on our piece 
"Geben und Nehmen/Fed back by monsters" in their studios in Düsselborf. To be able to pay our dancers, we offer an edition of silkscreen-prints. 
Whoever wants to support us by buying our edition also receives a free ticket to a performance of the piece.

Geben und Nehmen/Fed back by monsters
Elsa Artmann und Samuel Duvoisin
mit Chengcheng Hu, Soo Yeon Kim und Diana Treder

"It is a love that is based on giving and receiving as well as having and sharing. 
And the love that they give and have is shared and received. 
And through this having and giving and sharing and receiving, 
we too can share and love and have and receive."
Matt le Blanc as Joey Tribbiani in „Friends“, preparing Monica and Chandler´s wedding speech

In dem Gefüge aus vier Blöcken, die mit Kabeln untereinander verschaltet sind, formalisiert sich die Grundanordnung jener Dynamik aus Anziehung und Abstoßung, 
mit deren Reihung es dem Leben gelingt, sich selbst zu erhalten. (...)
Homöostate operieren als Apparate der Wiederholung. Sie holen den alten Zustand wieder zurück, der fort zu sein scheint. Sie können aber auch als Fahrzeuge 
in die Veränderung dienen. In ihrer Zweischneidigkeit zeigt sich eine erstaunliche Kippfigur zwischen Totem und Lebendigem. 
Hans-Christian Dany in "Schneller als die Sonne"

to find out more about the project (there´s also a great video about it) and the print edition visit their WEBSITE
as a special treat for my readers they are offering their monsters (shown in the last pictures) for a very awesome prize: 25€ + shipping
(the silk screen prints are  produced using a specially developed grid system  - which can also be found on their website - 
there is actually NO moiré effect on the prints themselves, this occurred only when very unprofessionally photographing them)
to buy one of their pieces (and get a free ticket for their performance) contact them via mail to artmann.duvoisin@gmail.com
GIFs by me,  from a video taken by Arne Schmitt, edited by Stephanie Felber 


by now i´ve started to appreciate the most unlikely things about my new life

for example the mixture of dust, hair (mine and cat´s), seeds from the garden and crushed dry cat food
covering my floors since vacuuming has become a non-priority
have to force my workshop help to get himself glasses, since he really has bad eye sight when it comes to details
but we´ve just finished the very last LOOKING GUY COMB and KISSING GUY BARRETTES ever
it´s now or never in case you´ve had your eyes on them
also that TOURMALINE RING is for sale now - the stone is very slightly chipped but still delightful
and do check out our CUSTOM MADE section for more examples of engagement rings and wedding bands
it´s ice tea time around here
well, actually just fridge-cold tea, since i don´t care for the ice cubes
THIS ONE is very fancy
but i´m lazy and just brew my favorite GREEN TEA BLEND (having the most inappropriate name) instead
you know that feeling when you want to burst into tears cutting up an apricote-mascarpone-galette
because of frustration and fear since handling a knife doesn´t work properly and hurts a lot
and because where the f... is this going
you (hopefully) don´t and please know: you´re very lucky
the next day i made RASPBERRY COCNUT SCONES - no knifes needed, no crying: excellent
slicing a pound of strawberries very likely made everything worse
since social media tricked me into trying to dehydrate them
my oven turned them into red soup stuck onto paper which then had to be peeled/cracked off
i´d say it´s a waste of fruit, work and energy but my mum likes them
and after i turned them into powder i was amazed by the fact how little space they now take up
also i´ve joined Netflix just to watch CHEF´S TABLE
a series i very much adore since some of them seam to have risen from their ashes
facing such huge personal struggles but still turning shit into gold
(my personal mantra - i´d take brass or silver, too)
but right now i don´t feel like doing just that again - still too weak and so full of fear
then unexpectedly another find - DEAD LIKE ME - made me happy in the weirdest way
yes, i do wear that SEE SUN top almost every day and now probably those PALOMA WOOL SHOES too
and if i had any money i would spend it HERE HEREHERE and HERE
besides on food, books and good causes of course
our BOOK CLUB GROUP had a meeting again last week
and next up is a classic summery read: THE TALENTED MR RIPLEY by PATRICIA HIGHSMITH
we´ll meet 17.8, 7.30 pm

in case you´d like to join - just let me know


welcome to my personal whining blog
where i´m wailing over my life and complain a lot in general
my arms smell like Voltaren Forte most days and that "scent" is beginning to stress me out
it really does not trigger some king of lovely olfactory memories
my limbs feel leaden and useless
the heavily rose scented warm night air fails to make me feel happy as usual
but makes me think about yet another season passing with me feeling disabled
and the fading smell of the linden trees makes me melancholic
just like the mold hiding between the strawberries from the farmers market
when asked what i do for a living i don´t want to reply with "create jewellery" any more now
it feels like a fraud when what i´m actually doing is tell other people how to make it for me
to me it does not feel like i´m the boss and that´s what i do
but like i´m ducking out instead
and it´s also really hard to see someone (my new workshop "slave")
struggle with tasks i was once able to perform to perfection
(ok, i´ll admit that after a few more hours he has become quite handy)
so - of course - this signet ring was made my W, i only came up with the basic scetches and the engraving
(i always use Futura - i know there are a lot of amazing fonts out there, but this one is just it for me)
the wedding bands were created by him also
i´m glad about every day i don´t feel depressed somehow
this strange mood underlining everything, this weird dimming of your internal lights
a mental state i´m trying to confront with a lot of fresh air, movement, work and friends
on the other hand i know it is okay for me to feel like that
since i´m mourning a life i had that was based on me being very skilful with my hands
and now i´m feeling slightly handicapped instead
also i always feel slightly sick when riding my bike through my neighborhood each day
seeing the streets i walked/staggered along a couple of times each day to keep my busy during my worst time
this probably means i need new memories now, new sights and smell
here are a few things to start with:
trying to get my hands on some LIBERTY FABRIC now with the Pound so cheap
(and then make my mum sew some summer skirts for me - she does an excellent job)
i hate BREXIT nevertheless
my cat is a drug addict - she does not only "do" catnip but elder and yew too
this garden is a poisonous affair and i´m sorry to say i didn´t get high but a RASH instead
so my advice would be to keep away from any kind of spurge 
and burning bush in full bloom when the sun is shining
fun fact: W found that antique pink flowery mug on the flea market himself
and declared it perfect for drinking his coffee from
with it being the same shape like his last cup from which he had by now almost completely rubbed off the gold rim 
when warming his hands
sometimes he does have a fancy taste