got a new phone
and since i´m very late in that game i made myself a late-bloomer-themed phone case
using some drawings i made for the FLORAL PATTERN CARDS
i like THOSE by Leah Goren too
also i joined Instagram right away - you can follow me @annawsake
got quite addicted instantly
since it´s so much quicker than blogging
but i guess i wont give it up
those working coats in dark colours don´t come in small sizes
so i´m looking like a unbelievable dirty doctor wearing a lab coat instead
right now we´re working on some custom made CHANGE NECKLACES
using heirloom beads and pearls
a FANCY STONE RING with a stunning two coloured yellow sapphire
and we´re thinking about a reedition of an Advent wreath W made a few decades ago
plums galore
not a day without
does someone has any experience with VSCO for Photoshop?
thinking about getting an edition but i have no idea what i should choose
any suggestions?