a bit on gardening and PIN rings
things i´ve learned so far: 
- patience is the number one virtue in a garden 
now i always get the smaller flower pot available to become even more patient
- it takes up to 20 years to graft mistle toe onto an apple tree 
and many more years until this little parasite gets little berries himself
- you can get those berries to use for grafting on a garden dump
not any garden dump, a cemetery one
which is also a good source for miniature thujas and ceders around chistmas time
to grow an eerie looking dollhouse wood with
and to get the weirdest collection of strange single tulips in springtime
- wisdom from the chief gardener -
who already did an amazing job unraveling 4 cubic meters of Virginia creeper
until there were only those two twines left adorning the house
can´t wait what he comes up with in Spring
when we try to get a rockery hidden under ivy and spruce tree stumps back to shape 
W made a Pin number star shaped punch for our PIN RING 
and now we´re thinking about the option to actually get an important number engraved inside the ring
the design is one of his from the 70s
and he wanted to adorn it with a bit of a secret
got a huge apple crop? 
one of the best sweet things i ever tasted 
sent half of it to E but it got lost in the mail
got those lovely vintage hanging baskets for my birthday back in May
now i finally got to teach myself how to macramee those strings
it´s a fun and quite easy thing to do
what do we think of Lana Del Reys pink angora sweater?
almost choked on the fuzz
but it is kind of hot - temperature wise


 said with a huge bouquet of PLANT JEWELS
and a tray of cookies (eaten)
for a lovely post about WSAKE on DESIGNSPONGE (!!!)
we are so very honoured and happy to find ourselves on one of our favorite sites
thank you again, Kate!
also an amazing mention of the THREE DOTS NECKLACES in the new edition of NIDO
(there is only one left in light grey - so if you had your eyes on this one, hurry up!)
a very happy CAN VASE


the sun comes out still ever so bright and warm
but it´s fall now for sure
i´m getting a few things ready for next year
heirloom tomatoe seeds from this years plants
the only vegetables that turned out great so far
there will be no pumpkin or squash again i think
although this little striped one is pretty cute - but the harvest consisted of only five of those
the first shipment of bulbs from the Netherlands
hopefully they like it here in my garden
this is something to look forward all winter
there are lots of things planed for the garden for those years to come
a bed of limelight and pink wood hydrangeas already planted
i probably have to nominate my grandmothers friend chief gardener
since he has the patience and - hopefully - time
to tend to all those elaborate things
the FLORAL POSTCARDS can now be found in the lovely shop BABONGO
full to the brim of ecofriendly things


wedding weekend
(not me!)
i just wanted to make a NOT SO TINY BOUQUET #21 FALL BRIDE (or PRIDE, works both ways)
for a dear friend of mine who got married this Saturday
wanted to wear those blue shoes
(shown with heart shaped cat food for the lovely occasion)
but i couldn´t walk in them so i choose some old ones
but still my feet hurt so much that fun night
i spent quite some time standing on a little rolling pin yesterday
to get rid of those cramps
also i made an almost not recognizable BUXUS heart
(does anyone in the Regensburg area need lots and lots of little cuttings by the way?!)
and spend quite some time looking at those almost black dahlias
(was almost tempted to plant some of these pettishly beauties - not ready yet for this care intensive plants though)
and a picture of me showing off the bouquet with W "hiding" behind the window.
a few minutes after finishing the crocheted bead spread
i read this sentence in Elizabeth Von Arnims "Elizabeth and her German Garden":
"... and all forms of needlework of the fancy order 
are inventions of the evil one for keeping the foolish from applying their heart to wisdom."
indeed i sometimes do needlework to sort of numb myself
and just make with out thinking only counting the stiches
and i ain´t very wise for sure...


there´s a little rainstorm coming up
temperature dropping
leaves whirling from the apple tree
i miss having my sisters around
spend the last three weeks with at least one of them
don´t like to prepare breakfast porridge for one person
going to sleep alone
at least the cats are back after spending a couple of days at the neighbors
a little one sneaked into my bedroom and then freaked out
bouncing off the walls, trying to jump through a closed window
finally diving through the staircase
he got at least seven lives
since i found him napping peacefully in the garden a few minutes later
my grandmother loved her Virginia creeper - especially those berries
so i made a simple wreath for her grave
looking pretty even dried 
and when the days grow colder it hopefully attracts lots of hungry birds
to keep her company a bit
also some PLANT JEWELS
it was really fun to collect all those precious little things
we used for them
(the tiny blue hydrangea is already planted in my garden)


i made it - put all of those new things on the WEBSITE and in the SHOP
after lots and lots of work in the last weeks and months
let me intoduce you to
(so fun to play with and of course to put flowers in)
a whole lot of new jewellery
shown here only the RIBBON BRACELET
made of vintage brass material from the 1900th
with a lovely ribbon structure
a very limited edition
will tell you a bit more about all of them in the next days
already ordered W a Bill Murray DVD collection
since he wont allow me to actually pay him for his work
so every time i make a little sale
i get him something he likes
it started with MAIGRET novels 
(we´re really addicted to those, have them all and reread them ever so often)
and then Woody Allen movies
enjoy your Sunday!


those hot days were amazing for my back pain
it was completely gone, like a miracle
(maybe i have to move to a really hot country then...)
now it´s cold again, fall lingering just around the corner
and my back aches again
(had to miss out on a gathering in the woods yesterday)
but i spent yet another enchanted friday night
have to tell you about that soon
wanted to show you all those pieces we worked on this weekend
but i still have so many pictures to take and prepare
so there is only one tiny update:
baby blue (lovely vintage beads), rose and dark grey
you can almost see a tiny bit of what we´ve been up to
on the TINY BOUQUET #20 CANDY pictures
the grapes in my ever so small (well, actually not so small) vineyard are ripe
my grandmothers friend wanted to stop taking care of them
but it looks like he can´t let go
(or he doesn´t quite agree with my work there)
so there´s an other TINY BOUQUET #21 WHITE WINE
and a cat acting weird in the mint bed
pretty apartments -  EEFIE DE CONINCK