With the weather being dreary, dark and cold for a while longer, we decided to make this post extra light and dappled with colour to put a touch of almost-spring in the (blog-)air. Plus it´s Valentines Day soon, which means you and your loved ones are in for a treat - so we collected some nice stuff and took some of our pieces for a spin in the light box. Enjoy!

Above: Tiny silver  DAISIES on delicate silver necklaces. / TINY EBONY RINGS - round and square.




These VINTAGE RHINESTONE AND EBONY EAR STUDS are a dangly bunch - here you can see them caught in movement. They are all one of a kind, so you have to mix and match. / A tiny silver PUNCH on a necklace to ward off evil of every kind. / "An meiner Ohnmacht nicht zu verzweifeln, ist, wie Sie alle wissen, ein Vollzeitjob." DER INNERE BERGBAU - Hörspiel über Erschöpfung von ARTMANN&DUVOISIN und für die Kölner: "I am not feeling what your are feeling. I am feeling what you would be feeling if you were a bit better at feeling." Schreib- und Bewegungswerkstatt ARBEIT UND LIEBE.




A FAT KISS, cast in silver - a small pendant with a surprising heft to it, constantly kissing your neck. / Chef´s kiss: I probably shared this one before, but HEIDI´S COFFEE CAKE with walnut crumble can´t be recommended often enough. Ein FALTBROT zum Jahr des Hasen + a BUNNY to drink tea with. EGGPLANT PARMIGIANA without the fuss but with breadcrumbs instead. I´m a sucker for peanuts, so it´s time to make these GRANOLA BARS again that were on heavy rotation around here for a while + PEANUT SOUP + DATTEL MIT ERDNUSS. / COOKING FOR THE MAIKO HOUSE. / MY WEEK WITH A NO-NEEDLES LIP FILLER + die Drogerie VARIANTE.





A GREEN HEART (not with envy, but hope!), hand painted enamel, cast in silver. / A life lived in the absence of romantic love - ARRANGEMENTS IN BLUE. / "Love wasn´t a slumber party with your best friend. Love was dangerous, violent, with an element of something repulsive." THE REPUGNANT CONCLUSION / DIET COKAGNE by Tom Hanks




Yet  ANOTHER FAKE PEARL + EBONY NECKLACE made of vintage dead stock pearls and bits of ebony hand carved by Waldi - also vintage. / Silver O.T. RINGS hiding under a bit of flowery paint. / Velvety shoes with a BOW that go very well with the colour scheme of this newsletter (to be worn in a seamingly far off summer) + a warm pink SWEATER to be worn right now. / My new cantaloupe LANDLINE + the OUTTA SPACE case for my extraterrestial phone.