quiet times around here
taking lots of walks
in an oh so ugly neighbourhood
nice trees and house number plaques though
needed a bit of yellow to make up for the missing sun
mimosas - again
and since it´s Valentine´s Day
i filled the little porcellain guys heart shaped vase
(i think he loves me, hihi...) 
primroses - i have a thing for them since LAST YEAR
and couldn´t resist a light green and almost grey one
they´re called "auriggerl" around here
could there be a better name for anything?!
it took us quite a while to finally come up
with a piece of hair jewellery that actually works
lots and lots of prototypes
but now i think that cockscomb thing looks quite fun
a few more shapes are still under construction
watching a bit of olympics
thinking of wearing my hair like the girl opening the gates for the figure skaters
reading a lot of  KATE ATKINSON
i think she´s fabolous
even her dog characters and i´m not even into dogs
lots of drowning, missing sisters and, well life and death
(although the Jackson Brody sequels can´t keep up with the first one)
picked up EAT after reading NINA´S post
happy Valentine´s Day!