this is for my sister K
who is currently finishing her thesis
(it´s off to the printer tomorrow)
on The Invasive Neopyhte Rose Rugosa in Costal Areas - Investigations on Control Methods
she´s becoming THE go to expert in Northern Europe for sure
just look at my little "flower installation" to find out one method she was researching:
sheep grazing (actually really hands on researching - tending the shep herself)
(first time ever a little box filled with a flock of tiny wooden sheep comes in handy)
she´s coming home this weekend
hope there´s still a bit of unburned granola left over for her
to keep her from falling into that black hole after graduation
i´m going to find little tasks for her
like learning macrame (i´m in need of some sturdy strings for hanging baskets)
and planting flower bulbs 
(awesome TULIPA TURKESTANICA and BLUEBELLS - can´t stop dreaming about them after watching BRIGHT STAR)