looks like i have to say good bye to my favorite scrap of sand paper
it made sure i got the most delicate texture every time
this is probably the most beautifully made BOOK i´ve ever seen
i love every tiny detail
a little glimpse of a new chunky bracelet
wearing the SHIRT that made me come up with it
those sleeves are so great


is it okay to wear a heart scarf
being single and not in love?
the HEART NECKLACES are now available


shhh...hurry up to get your HEART NECKLACES
right in time for valentine´s day
working on a some tiny frames right now...


cold and snowy weekend
tried to brighten it up with SHORTBREAD
and glass bead weaving
have a nice week everyone!
(and again: best of luck, N and little K!)


i love getting parcels
this one is from Moscow - very exciting
and i´m working one some new things
can´t wait to tell you what this is all about...


here we go again: snow storm
that´s how S looked after biking right through one of these
i like the trace i leave behind while embossing
and i got a nice little bag on sale
the lavender leather is so pretty


so gloomy and foggy
makes you feel quite dreary
cheers me up everytime i look at it
(thank you so much, ANNA EMILIA!)
a necklace of mine arrived in Finland *
ordered a batch of tiny WECK preserving jars
to store my glass beads
it looks lovely


new year, new necklaces
i´ve added a few new things
find them HERE
and since valentines day isn´t far away
have a look at the CATEGORY especially for this day
happy birthday, K!
maybe i´m finally getting you that long fair plain blonde hair
you´re wishing for since more than 20 years now
enjoy a bit of icecream out of my artifical ice cream cone


flood water at the Danube
but our town is providing good for the citizen
not only sandbags and hightech walls
they offer a forecast for each and every home
so everybody knows what to do to keep the water out
we´re lucky
and we feel with those Australians affected by this devastating flood
(please note: due to making the workshop waterproof,
custom made orders from the SHOP are delayed for a few days!)


it´s so grey here
but a lovely package from Finland arrived today, making the day bright
can´t wait to show you what´s inside
reading this book at the moment - i think it´s wonderful
makes me laugh, makes me cry, it feels so true
(oh - i forgot: thank you for this Christmas present, Eva!)


living next to a river means meeting a rat once in a while
so this little trail belongs to one of these creatures
made BAKLAVA with hazel nut, sesame and pumpkin seeds
(if you want to give this recipe a try please roast the nuts and seeds
it tastes so much better)
and had a few slices watching A SINGLE MAN
but most important:
all the luck in the world to N and little K for tomorrow
we´re so hoping everything will be fine soon


W trying to look as grave as possible
while cutting down the Christmas tree
worked on some tiny initial pendants
soon to be in the SHOP


we got W a few movies for his birthday
- quite selfish -
one of them is BRIGHT STAR
we fell hard for it, crying because of so much beauty and sadness
i had to work on some "romantic" necklaces right away
oh, an other thing about Ws frames:
i just realised he wears the same ones as THE SARTORIALIST
but in black
now he has to find himself a barber, too


happy birthday, W!
we´re so happy you finally got nice frames
so you don´t have to look so crazy anymore
and we know you hate the trumpet picture
("no one can play the trumpet like that!")
but we´re evil and showing it anyway


i wish the bellyache i started the new year with
was caused by too much lasagna and too many sips of luxury dessert wine
but the pain killers are more likely
packing away christmas ornaments
a sad thing to do
but i´m longing for huge bunches of tulips around the house now