W is harvesting and storing apples
it´s starting to get quite chilly outside although the sun is shining
but our little summer house stays cozy with a bit of candle light for heating
the red and yellow striped fabric is a very nice gift from Sara
S finally used it for some pillow cases


this time it´s all about rose
there was a lovely package in the mail today
a vintage recipe binder from liberty of london - it´s the best
almost too pretty to actually write in it
i got it from her amazing shop
also showing a Glass Bead Necklace
- almost to late for it now, there´s such a summery feel about it


big SHOP UPDATE today
come on over - have a look!
lots and lots of new necklaces - well, some of them you probably already know
since i posted about a few while i was working on them
like i already told you, i had an amazing time taking pictures of them
so you´re gonna see a lot of this pretty girl from now on
in the first picture she´s wearing a Silhouette Charm of her mother
look at her smile!


yesterday i had the most amazing sunny fall afternoon in the garden
a lovely girl was over for taking pictures of some of my necklaces
she was very patient and even brought over a bunch of flowers
have you ever heard of such a model?
i sure haven´t
just a tiny blurry preview for now...can´t wait to show you more soon
and i got myself a book on card waving and a box of vintage saddler twine
now i have to work it out


that´s just a minor post about how much i like the colour purple, lilac, violet...
don´t even know the right word for it
but it makes me buy old-fashioned dried flowers on the farmers market
and cook something using plums almost every day now


this weekend i was invited over to friends for pumpkin tortellini
most delicious by the way
(tried to convince them to start a blog called
"The Fons, a dash of chayenne pepper and me")
and having a lunch made of pumpkin for the first time this year
i noticed it´s autumn now
so i decided to add a few sets of MAPLE CARDS to the shop
they are offset printed in black and gold and each one is watercoloured by hand
to give it the same unique look like the leaves blown of the tree
have a look in THE SHOP!


the pebble necklaces are coming along
finishing a few glass bead ones too
and heart necklaces - they´re soon available in THE SHOP
got sugar-roasted sunflower seed in the yellow heart paper bag at the fun fair
have a nice weekend everyone!


this post is for those with a huge plum crop - or for plum lovers in general
we tried so far:
unbelievable delicious PLUM CHUTNEY
on the list PLUM GALETTES
and we had this cake three times so far:
90 g Graham crackers (Leibnitzkeks), crushed
75 g ground hazelnuts, slightly toasted
20 g sugar
60 g butter melted
line a large springform pan with parchment paper
combine the ingredients, fill them into the pan and press them with the back of a spoon down on the bottom of the pan
bake 12 minutes at 160 degree Celcius
let cool completly
but in the fridge for 20 minutes
900 g plums, pitted and halved
60 g butter, soft
100 g sugar
pinch of vanilla
pinch of salt
2 eggs
375 g curd cheese
35 g semolina
20 g vanilla custard powder
125 g creme fraiche
beat butter with sugar, vanilla and salt till foamy and pale
add eggs
mix semolina and custard powder
add to the mixture with curd cheese and creme fraiche
beat well
fill into the springform pan
arrange halfed plums like shown above
bake at 175 degree Celcius for about 40 minutes


very sweet weekend
we got amazing baked goods from Sardinia made with lots of marzipan
from a neighbor who was on vacation there
Ss blackberry torte
since we are in such a sugary mood - i´m going to post a plum cake recipe tomorrow


i´m making jam... a lot of jam... apricot, peach and pomegranate,
peach and honey melon and now plum
received this beautiful CATALOG a few days ago
and amongst the most amazing posters - there´s mine
we got ourselfs a bit of equipment to drill into hard stone
so i´m working on a few pieces of pebble jewellery
i´ll show you soon...


the little giveaway arrived in AUSTRALIA
a few heart necklaces are soon available in our LITTLE SHOP
working on some cross stiching pattern
made THESE from our overwhelming fig crop
the custard turned out amazing, but i used the wrong tart dough
since i´m fiddling about with a new plum cake i might as well do a fig cake version, too


summer is definitly leaving
the last mint twigs are drying
doing a bit of paper cut
but i´m not sure if i´ll actually gonna use it
just had these mafalde pasta - imported from italy for my brithday from a friend
(who is hopefully soon my business consultant - if that´s the proper word...)
have a nice weekend! you too, K!