actually i´m feeling rather sick after taking these pictures
so much sweetness and i´m definitely over "Krapfen" by now
(which simply means i overate - a lot)
dungarees however are excellent to "store" all those candy things you´ve eaten
highly recommended!
also i´m quite glad to have found this awesome vintage pudding dish last week
in case you´re not in the mood for food extravaganza and intricate home made treats
do the very un-food-blogging thing and just juice some tangerines 
(in case you don´t like the white stuff like me)
and make yourself a huge batch of strawberry pudding
then have a happy valentine´s day
and try not to throw up after eating and drinking it all!
given the festivities i´m planing on getting myself a tiny hot pink ruby
an doing some weird rose gold stuff to it
the kind that makes W go "COME ON!"
since he still has to do all the gold soldering
because i don´t have the "feeling" for it yet and turn everything into nuggets again...
dealing with a load of amounting chronic pains for over five years now
and no one can tell me so far where some of it is coming from
seems like nothing though when reading what all the others are struggling with
(and compared to what "the world" is dealing with of course)
but i still think pretty blogs and instagrams can be an oasis for the mind
as long as we know we´re all human ans show it sometimes
so enjoy all the pink and sweet out there!