earlier this summer i swapped a TINY STAR NECKLACE
for a couple of FIELDGUIDED TOTES
(of course you all know Anabelas gorgeous BLOG)
they are perfect  for buying cake ingredients
and to go swimming
i actually went yesterday
and came back with a minor sunstroke and a few dozen of new freckles
welcome, tiny dots!
plums from a abandoned garden
the brass pretzels are available at SCHWESTERNLIEBE
starting today - as is the Dult!
they come with a string of vintage twine
new EMBOSSED PENDANTS coming along


working in the basement and the shadowy yard
since there is some kind of heat wave going on around here
planing on turning the geraniums in Ss flower arrangement into little cuttings
preparing structured brass sheet for EMBOSSED PENDANTS
the cardboard looks now pretty amazing, too
this goes out to my German readers:
started crocheting my blanket 
without checking if my there is enough yarn available
- turns out there isn´t -
so if you find balls of cotton universal, colour 6620
at your local WOLLE RÖDEL - snatch them up
i´m still in need of at least 25 balls
you´ll even get a little surprise...


DROP RINGS and DROP BRACELETS are now available as singles, too
if you don´t feel like wearing a hole stack of them
very delicate on their own
my daily dose of cherry tomatoes
and the evening sky as seen from my workroom


the COUNTING RINGS are in the shop now
you can use them to count to one, two, three, four or five
add them together 
or not
(the perfect combination for Eva)
scribbled the recipe on a tiny piece of cardboard
since i made them in my parents place


a bit of shadow
drying strawflowers
sprigs of mint for tea
two "loveheads" on our workdesk
a weekend ahead 


at the 0941 PRIVATE SALE in Regensburg
i´m presenting some of my jewellery
even some brandnew things
like the these rings
i´m wearing "count to three" and "count to four" everyday
but i have to come up with better names for them
any suggestions?


my colour scheme lately
wasn´t sure which pattern to use for a chrocheted blanket
didn´t go with the granny squares or the knobbly one
chose a very plain version instead
276 squares to go


i took pictures of birch branches for this print
with my very old Minolta camera
but she did a goob job i think
you can get the shirt at the private sale i posted  yesterday
in reality the print has a lovely faded look
and the fabric is just amazing


0941 is hosting a private sale
in Regensburg, 10. - 11.8., 11.00 - 20.00, Domplatz 7
and in Munich, 13. - 15.8., 10.00 - 18.00, Westermühlstraße 3
selling samples, pieces of the current collection 
(some with prints i made - show you more about those tomorrow)
and a limited hand dyed edition
(trying to get my hands on the dress above for sure...)



the NECKLACES are now in the shop
my grandmothers hydrangeas are so beautiful
every day they add a different shade of pink