it seems Spring is all about primary and secondary colours in my garden
red, blue, green, yellow - and white
actually this is almost too much
i´ll have to damp them a bit in the future
particularly those horrifing red tulips
(last years TULIPS)
there are hundreds of them
being the pride of my grand and great grandmother
so it would be quite harsh to get rid of them
and relocating is the better option
maybe hiding behind an yew tree hedge
the forsythia is not mine
a stunningly huge shrub on a very busy street
had a "surprise" MRI this week
almost an hour of steady thumping and pounding
revealing a damaged spinal disc and one inflamated vertebra
which - for me - is good news
since two years ago there were three hurt vertebras
which means i´m healing and probably in a few more years
there will be just a little stiffness
due to the now unruly structure of the vertebras
now i know head and back aches are not the symptoms of complicated rheumatic disease
but the side effect of a slightly slipped disc
made myself a dandelion crown afterwards
goat milk and yoghurt panna cotta inspired by this recipe from SMITTEN KITCHEN
with compote made of the sweetest and palest rhubarb i´ve ever seen
made another TINY BOUQUET #35 BLUE
apparently one of my great grandmother´s signature bouquets
were bunches of hyacinths
so i picked myself some from her still existing beds
tiny geraniums i cut and planted in January
yearning for Spring
a gift for my mom