my sisters say my moodswings are my most annoying habits
meaning me getting into a bad temper
so i try to avoid things making me angry
like watching political discussions and reading articles on some topics
they make me want to roll around on the floor kicking and screaming sometimes...
but i think they are okay with me getting angry this morning reading Sarahs post on SAIPUA
women´s rights always get me started... 
so i try to listening not to closely to news on Mitt Romney´s campain
also i thought of one of my professors saying in the first lesson
places to study graphic design for girls are a waste (at least two thirds of the class being girls!)
because we would all become mothers at some point
and then we would stop working anyway
like this would be our fault if we would choose to go this way
when really it is all about money - more money for men
becoming a mother and stopping working for a bit 
(there are still not that many and affordable oportunities for childcare for small children) 
equals no career in a lot of cases
it´s not like we can wait until we´re at the peak of our career in our late forties
get a young husband and start popping out those babies
the most disturbing scene in Mad Men for me 
was after Peggy had fired a guy making an offensive drawing of Joan 
she told her now everybody thinks she´s just another humourless bitch
it´s still like that - we´re meant to laugh about it
when this business isn´t funny for sure
grewing up my sisters and me were always told girls could do anything
(my dad thinking they could do it even better)
and with parents splitting housework and child care equaly
it is kind of hard to step out in the real world
and i actually sometimes do not know what to do
so probably starting to sing like those awesome girls is a good start:
also: an arrangement for my grandmothers grave
and another guest at the cat food station
very much respected by those felines