o wow
my head is still buzzing from this wonderful weekend in Berlin at THE HIVE
(and from a severe migraine on the train drive there)
so many amazing, pretty, successful girls and blogs...
so impressive and well organized - and the food was just great
i didn´t take any pictures at the event - i´m not very good at it
but you´ll find loads on all the participants blogs
afterwards i took my small town self shopping in the big city
eating fries and frozen yogurt 
looking at those huge ugly-awesome buildings
quite stunned
then i visited K in Potsdam
the most lovely city with all its parks and allotment gardens
she made me a wildflower bouquetfor my birthday (and shortbread)
and i turned it into TINY BOUQUET #2 BUTTERCUP
using her bunny salt shaker (mine is RED)
it was so nice to meet you all
hopefully we stay in touch