just dug out my bottles of Indian ink
looking forward to draw again...
i´m currently snacking on dried mulberries
quite delicious


i´m really excited about the mention of my SILHOUETTE CHARMS
in the current issue of NIDO
(don´t know the proper translation for "Kind am Hals"
probably something like "lumbered with a child")
keep those cute pictures of your little/or big ones coming
already got Olympic chocolate to restore myself
find myself wearing my beloved little wool jacket from COS
Sandra collected PICTURES of her wrist worms
and found one of my NECKLACES, too
(in the first picture)


the sun is shining and everything starts to look brighter now
i think i´m ready for a day full of sawing SILHOUETTE CHARMS tomorrow
already took a few steps in my vintage Sonia Rykiel mink pumps
looks like i´m never going to be able to really walk in those


sorry for the delay in posting, answering your emails and sending out orders
i´ve been quite sick the last days...still are
those pictures are from before the sickness started
blueberry maple syrup for Spelt Ricotta Crepes from this BOOK
also the cookies - HERE the recipe is adapted to make one giant cookie
i hope my appetite comes back soon
after spending so much time around those tiny tiles...


the weather is quite depressing around here
working with pebble - again
need this shirt now - it was so great hosting it for the weekend
i hope you had a lovely Valentine´s Day
some things i liked most about yesterday: HEADBAND and PETAL HEARTS
(have to add a third one: FLORAL PAINTING)
i had a heart shaped Dansih pastry


a whole weekend of playing around with beautiful clothes...
what a lovely assignment...
the little Twig Necklace is now available at SCHWESTERNLIEBE
handmade of silver, gold plated, and silk
little fabric packages to go with it


busy busy busy
and it´s going to stay that way for quite a few weeks now
can´t wait to tell you the news...
the TAKE A PICTURE necklaces are finally done
with the right shape of black and all
i love the vintage industrial twine
such great texture and colour
those carnations looking like candy
are so soothing on these foggy days


collecting apple seeds
soon available at SCHWESTERNLIEBE
found a booklet about mushrooms at the fleamarket this weekend
it has a really nice cover


there is so much praise of GOOD TO THE GRAIN on all those food blogs
with such good cause
whole grain always sounded a bit scary to me
having eaten a lot of wholemeat pastry as a child
feeling like choking on those dry and firm baked goods
but those Poopy Seed Wafers made with buckwheat are amazing
can´t wait to try the other recipes
the necklace to go with the chunky bracelet
(more pictures soon to come!)
dyeing silver - this anthracite colour was to cool
but now the little frames are of a nice black shade
decided to go with the heart scarf after all
have a nice weekend!


an other book post
have you read this one?
i just started a few days ago
since i´m not a native speaker/reader
it´s not that easy to get in the swing of things
but i think it will get easier after a few more pages
a couple of orchids moved in with us
one of them smelling like honey
this one just looking exquisit
and tiny flowers in the making