we just put quite a few merry little things in the shop
- find all of them in the CHRISTMAS SECTION -
lots of cards, FESTIVE PENDANTS (embossed with kind words), TINY GARLANDS (made of iron twine and vintage glass beads)
and i dug deep in my archive of printed goods
and decided to offer a little COOKBOOK on Christmas sweets and a whole bunch of greeting cards
i printed back in art school
it´s a semi-automatic silkscreen print
meaning after a lot of fiddling and adjustments and putting in the paper by hand
you push a button and the screen + squeegee do the printing on their own
even though i became allergic to the chemicals involved i LOVED printing
so i have quite a bit of boxes full of prints i thought i would share with you
the BLACK AND WHITE CHRISTMAS CARDS do still give me a bit of grief
they arrived yesterday from the printer
their edges fringed and awful but they are going to be reprinted and should be ready by 15.11.
now i have to come up with an idea for a thousand greeting cards
i probably cut them into tiny gifttags
and ideas?
take a look at the lovely ZIERRAT UND GOLD gathering
there are amazing pictures to find at those places: NINA, JULIE and SUSANNE
i wish i could have been there...