sister K said my last post was "particularly uninteresting"
but that´s how it is
in case you´re still looking for a tear off calendar
POLADARIUM is quite pretty
and i´m very happy two of my pictures are included
took them in photography class at art school
the new edition of REMEDY QUARTERLY is about COMFORT
and there´s a little story in it about the last thing
my grandmother baked before she passed away
her little red handwritten cookbook is a real treasure
(TI got some amazing handwritten heirlooms for Christmas, too)
in case someone is wondering
on what i´m going to spend the money
earned with the next two sold FESTIVE PENDANTS:
THIS ROSE and THIS ONE and maybe THIS ONE, too
made me think of the textile workshops at artschool
never dared to work there
now i want to pack my bags and move in with LIBERTY
have you seen their new TANA LAWN COLLECTION?!
seriously - hire me
(via TRUE UP
 filled those SNOWBALL COOKIES with marzipan
left over from Christmas
froze some
now i can bake me some fresh cookies every other day
the columbine seeds arrived in pretty little paper envelopes
it´s Winter now, but Summer soon
last years berries, this years hazel and willow
does this mean girl cat wants her nails painted, too?