hello everybody
if your in the Regensburg area
come visit WSAKE at the DONA 2012
hall 16 - "PG and friends"
24.3. - 1.4.
we´ve got some free tickets
so if you want to come let me know
you even get a WSAKE shortbread cookie
although they don´t look that pretty after baking
have a nice weekend


the weather is so beautiful right now
sunshine is the best
although i don´t get to spend that much time outside
working on all kinds of new things
made of iron and silver
some new business cards arrived
printed on recycled paper - looking very good
home made broth
due to histamine intolerance
the recipe was kindly shared by a dear friend of E
thank you for that!
a new variety of snowdrops for our garden


for those of you in the Regensburg area:
0941 is hosting a PRIVATE SALE
on the 15. + 16.3., 11.00 - 21.00
Am Domplatz 7
i´m going to show some of my jewellery there
including some brand new pieces
like the PETAL PENDANTS shown above
and the whole FAKE CRYSTAL collection
which has become huge by now
(pictures soon to come)
drop by, say hello, have some sparkly
and get your hands on some lovely pieces at a great price

some of you have asked about these brass bracelets
so here they are - BEATEN BRACELETS
hammered with four beats per second
by me for you
W was curious about my speed
- he has way more power of course
and doesn´t have to peck away like a little bird -
so we tried to time me
a few years ago i took "portraits" of all our sledge
those ancient tools have so much character
and those are the ones i used for the bracelets
they just wanted to say hello to you i think


here is a LITTLE EMBOSSED PENDANT giveaway
over at the lovely blog EMMADIME
so hop over and leave a comment to win
the garments with prints made by me for 0941
are starting to hit the shops - and TV
it´s almost a year since i painted them
on a sunny Easter Monday on the garden table
a dried ivy heart for you
it´s not meant to be poisonous just pretty


so busy right now
working on all kinds of jewellery
you could almost call it a collection
but i always find a little time
to read a bit in GENTLEWOMAN
really - o wow!
also a sneak peak at one of Ws designs
it´s awesome i think
spring is coming - i hope you feel it too
took a long walk with a friend in the sun yesterday
i loved that