my sister E is doing a little HAPPY NEW YEAR performance for you
because that´s just what she does
to a wonderful 2014


it´s about time to wish you all a very merry Christmas
and thank you for your kind support this year
you guys have been so amazing
we could not have wished for sweeter clients and readers
so here we want to say thank you looking as saesonal angelic as possible
(i´m sporting yet another fabulous sweater from my friends from 0941
W´s Christmas coloured affair was found in our late grandmothers closet)
it was so nice to meet some of you at our Christmas market last week
we had so much fun
and since some of you really liked the baked goods
i thought i´d share the recipes
PANFORTE from Fräulein Text
(got a MERINGUE RING from her shop)
since i didn´t have everything on hand i just used all the dried fruits and nuts in my pantry
and it turned out just fine
the Honey Cake was adapted from Jamie Oliver
(i posted a HONEY CAKE RECIPE not long ago but this one is so much better)

100 g butter
75 g dark sugar
25 g agave syrup
75 g honey
100 g molasses
zest of 1 orange
150 g spelt flour
spices as you like
10 pieces of candied ginger, chopped up
candied cherries - so very frivolous
2 eggs

heat butter with sugar, syrup, honey, molasses and orange zest
until melted
add spices, ginger and cherries to the flour - mix well
add the butter-sugar-mixture, followed by the eggs
in case the dough is too dry add a bit of milk

pour into a lined and greased baking tin
bake for 40 - 60 min at 160C

50 g cherry jam
25 g molasses
6 pieces of candied ginger, chopped up

heat everything and pour over the warm cake
(i´ll try a to bake as version of this without the eggs
as i type and i do hope it turns out al least edible)
my TRUFFLE WOMEN over at MARLEEN´s blog
so many pretty things
to make these days very merry
tiny ceramic hearts from PAULA - still waiting to be put up
a hot pay from ALESSANDRA
cushion covers from RIKE
and a whole stack of Christmas card, including a very special one from RITVA
thank you so much!!!
wedding bands for a Christmas wedding
and sweet potatoes with marshmallows
those made us almost sick and will not be made again


in case you need some festive head gear for the holidays
this kind-of-tutorial for SO LEB ICH is really very easy
all you need are some hairbands and pins
wire, wintery greenery, cones, nuts and a hot glue gun
and then it´s up to you and your ideas
and when you´re all set you can try to scare your cat
by wearing your new adornments
mine got used to it pretty quickly
don´t forget our holiday market this Saturday
we already started baking up a storm


first things first:
we would like to invite you all to the WSAKE Weihnachtsmarkt
enjoying hot punch and baked goods
while - maybe - doing a bit of Christmas shopping
Saturday, 14.12., 1 - 5 pm
at our showroom in Regensburg, Am Gries 35
we can´t wait to see you
also thank you so much for you kind comments on the last post
W told me quite bewildered that someone had seen a picture of him on the internet
to him the web is a miracle, well, it kind of is
it looks like i´m almost to busy to enjoy the time before Christmas
and i´m so happy about your reminders
there´s ALMAs and EVENCLEVELANDs giftguide
and Marleens 20//13
and so many delicious things over at FRÄULEIN TEXT
i´m quite happy about my roasting pan by SARAH WIENER for RIESS
got a few B-stock pieces at a very nice price on the fun fair this summer
now i use it to roast chestnuts or bake QUINCE SCONE COBBLER
can´t wait to use the Portuguese fennel from OTCHIPOTCHI
i bet it smells and tastes divine
have a wonderful time
and - maybe - see you soon


since i´m too busy (and sick) to take pictures myself
this is the perfect opportunity to show you some pictures taken by RAINER 
when he visited our workshop together with the lovely JULIE
(back when it was not winter...)
we had a wonderful time
W showing some of his techniques
telling everybody several times - like predicted - he wants to work i an ample hall once more
instead of our tiny messy workshop
and we finished the last prototypes for the PUZZLE RINGS
he told me to take off my scarf
since no sane goldsmith would saw wearing a scarf
well, now it´s so cold (and we have a cold, too) we´re also wearing down jackets and hats
the wood fired oven is doing its best
but we´re still freezing
find some more pictures HERE
again: some videos
Jay Z goes THE ARTIST IS PRESENT - i like the dancer with the golden cap
END THE STRAIGHT WORLD ORDER - made my sister stop shaving her legs

all pictures by RAINER EIDEMÜLLER


we couldn´t be happier to show you our collaboration with the lovely Paula Valentim from OTCHIPOTCHI
(i guess you all know i´m a big fan of her work)
together we came up with a small limited edition of seasonal things
combining delicate white porcellain and brass bits
simple and clean yet festive decorations for your house
some other things:
a nice write up on I AM THE LAB including a very flattering comparison
i like it when jewellery bears a MEANING
does anyone elsa have this WOOL BLAZER and can´t figure it out?
nice things in the WRAP SHOP


i´m very honoured to be part of the second edition of the lovely HEIMAT zine
they included some words and pictures of mine
about moldy plums and yeasted buns called Rohrnudeln made with them before they start rotting away
my sister E says i should avoid leaving the impression that i think i´m a poet because i´m clearly not
so here it is: I DON´T THINK I´M A POET
i just write stuff - that´s all
there are a lot of nice participants
like JULIE, NINA, AMMENMÄRCHEN, ULMA and much more
you can order it HERE or over at PRINTE
Alma put together a GIFT GUIDE suggesting to give a BLUEBELL NECKLACE to your sisters
i´d recommend the same:) 
you could also add some BLACK & WHITE CHRISTMAS CARDS
very nice pictures by MIEKE VERBIJLEN
some NASTURTIUMS for this grey November week


a lot of hard work went into our new collection
lots of jewellery, of course 
things to play around with, stackable PUZZLE RINGS, changeable NECKLACES
also a new edition of W´s classic pieces - the W COLLECTION
and there are a few seasonal things like
you´ll find everything in the SHOP
the PEBBLE RINGS are now available custom made
either with a pebble of your own
or one of our little collection
and there´s even more to come...


a little china dove and me
finally finishing the last christmas cards for this season
but i guess it will still take two weeks until everything is finished
and available in the shop
but there will be some very nice things
so do wait up a bit with buying gifts:)
there will even be some colour this time
not only silver and brass
right now i´m stringing the tiniest vintage baroque pearls
combined with corals or turquoise
as you like
got a pilea from ANDREA a couple of weeks back
she was so kind to swap a cutting for some of my geraniums
THE blogger plant i guess
took the picture right after potting it
it has already grown at least three more leaves
leaves are also part of the upcoming OTCHIPOTCHI collection
and obviously a great joy for the cat
what you can´t see is her shaved back
she got a benign lump removed
spent a day walking around like a drunkard and sounding like one too
now she´s as good as new
nature is crazy
chestnuts, primroses and cloves started to bloom again
and the poppies never stopped in the first place
off to making some quince jam for my sisters
after that some more christmassy work


lots of projects in the making
a sneak peak of a wonderful collaboration with Paula from OTCHIPOTCHI
prototypes of our new PUZZLE RINGS
we tried to fix up this lamp from the fleamarket a lot of different ways
in the end i went with an ANA KRAS inspired version
i admire her designs even more now
but i am quite proud of the stripe details
now the apartment smells like linen, soldering flux, SESAME COOKIES and quince
this should be turned into a perfume
harsh but subtly sweet
cat and i are very fond of beautiful textiles
very cozy blanket from ZIERRAT UND GOLD
rug from MLN
(got it custom made to fit my hallway perfectly
now cat likes to surf on it
and place her mouses there
it´s clearly the best)


after reading Katherine Mansfield´s MISS BRILL
a honey cake became the saddest pastry out there to me
"On her way home she usually bought a slice of honey cake at the baker's. 
It was her Sunday treat. 
Sometimes there was an almond in her slice, sometimes not. 
It made a great difference. 
If there was an almond it was like carrying home a tiny present - a surprise - 
something that might very well not have been there. 
She hurried on the almond Sundays and struck the match for the kettle in quite a dashing way. "
Maira Kalman´s THE PRINCIPLES OF UNCERTAINTY made it a happy cake again
"There is nothing illusory in this tiny heaven.
I am silent with gratitude.
I will go and bake a honey cake
and that´s all."
the recipe is even included in her book
but since it was too sweet for me
i came up with my own version

2 eggs, beaten
add 100 ml honey + 60 ml olive oil
mix in 200g spelt flour + 1tsp baking soda + cinnamon and other spices as you like
add about 100ml very strong tea
until you have a fine dough
now you can put in some chopped up apples, nuts, raisins...

pour into a loaf pan - bottom lined (awesome trick)
i don´t recommend bundt pans
my cakes were to sticky to come out again in one piece

to make everybody´s Sunday an almond Sunday stud the cake tighly with almonds

bake about 45 min at 175 degrees celsius
this one takes ages...
and here´s an other treat for you:
i helped my sister and her boyfriend put up a blog
to show their work
(they´re lucky to be friends with a superb image editor as you can see
this is an underrated art)
a nice ARTICLE about WSAKE in our local newspaper


when W asked me what i would be doing this weekend
and i told him i was planing on knitting a little suit for the cat
he didn´t think i was joking 
this is worrying
later on i told my sister about my growing cacti collection
she said "cats and cacti - this is bad"
to make it even worse i got this old ribbon
and took a picture of swans
it seems like i´m turning into a cliche single lady of a certain age
how odd that i´m actually working on something about that topic
but i guess brooding for weeks over the rentability and affordability of some projects
and trying to get some prototyps just right
seems to intensify my habits
when i´m not using the hammer my life is rather quiet
and if i do so i put on ear muffs
there are so many boxtrees in this garden it sometimes makes me want to pull them all out
maybe doing THIS with them - BORNAY again, they do the most amazing things with plants
also those pears are dropping like fruitshaped bombs in the flower bed
so i had to move some damaged plants somewhere else
the fog takes off most days
letting us enjoy a razor blue sky
so i´m okay with fall now
ordering rugs from MLN also helps
they make the coolest textiles ever
i like the clean shapes, designs and colours so very much
makes me wonder if i actually should have switched the textile design at art school


well, i´m not that into Fall
not yet
so i won´t join the praise of this dooming glorious season
to me it smells rotten
brings the cold (and cold related pains - maybe i need to move to an other climate)
the eternal fog in those areas near a big river is literally depressing
and always worse than expected - it hits me every time
and i can only apprechiate the morbide side o f it
to me sunflowers are only bearable in their dying state
also got some strawflowers at the farmers market
(judging by the looks the lady who sold them gave me, 
those are only supposed to be bought by the elderly)
put them in an odd ice cream vessel from ZIERRAT AND GOLD
and might use them in a couple of months in a flower arrangement for my grandmothers grave
(last time at the hardwear store i found some hot glued on top of some cacti
so i might do something similar - put them onto some bare branches)
to drive all the other ambitious grave decorators mad
joyous times
i guess it´s okay with my grandmother
she used to have tea with rum after her visit to the graveyard on All Saints Day
probably not only due to the cold weather
"dear lord, the things i´ve seen..."
but i made a FALL GREETING CARD for you after all
and started putting all those bulbs in the soil
got best quality ones from the Netherlands
they seem to burst with life any minute
and those grapes are really beautiful - grown in our tiny vinyard
went to a excellent exhibiton of HEINZ BRAUN
and i guess my thoughts had nothing to do with the shown work
but i had to urge to create an outlet for the crazy, the unfiltered, not so pretty
do stuff that doesn´t need to be representable
my own delicious secret
an article on the sadness of gen-y on MAN REPELLER
(guess we should try to achive our personal best instead of the over all best)
(used to get in a bad mood looking at perfect online lifes
even before joining facebook and the blogging world
when i do so now i sometimes reach out to those who seemingly have it all
and tell them how impressed i am
always turns out they´re very human after all (and mostly very nice))
a nice APRON
oh, in case someone wants some geranium cuttings
i´m cutting down all of my old plants and would be happy to send some your way