With the weather being dreary, dark and cold for a while longer, we decided to make this post extra light and dappled with colour to put a touch of almost-spring in the (blog-)air. Plus it´s Valentines Day soon, which means you and your loved ones are in for a treat - so we collected some nice stuff and took some of our pieces for a spin in the light box. Enjoy!

Above: Tiny silver  DAISIES on delicate silver necklaces. / TINY EBONY RINGS - round and square.




These VINTAGE RHINESTONE AND EBONY EAR STUDS are a dangly bunch - here you can see them caught in movement. They are all one of a kind, so you have to mix and match. / A tiny silver PUNCH on a necklace to ward off evil of every kind. / "An meiner Ohnmacht nicht zu verzweifeln, ist, wie Sie alle wissen, ein Vollzeitjob." DER INNERE BERGBAU - Hörspiel über Erschöpfung von ARTMANN&DUVOISIN und für die Kölner: "I am not feeling what your are feeling. I am feeling what you would be feeling if you were a bit better at feeling." Schreib- und Bewegungswerkstatt ARBEIT UND LIEBE.




A FAT KISS, cast in silver - a small pendant with a surprising heft to it, constantly kissing your neck. / Chef´s kiss: I probably shared this one before, but HEIDI´S COFFEE CAKE with walnut crumble can´t be recommended often enough. Ein FALTBROT zum Jahr des Hasen + a BUNNY to drink tea with. EGGPLANT PARMIGIANA without the fuss but with breadcrumbs instead. I´m a sucker for peanuts, so it´s time to make these GRANOLA BARS again that were on heavy rotation around here for a while + PEANUT SOUP + DATTEL MIT ERDNUSS. / COOKING FOR THE MAIKO HOUSE. / MY WEEK WITH A NO-NEEDLES LIP FILLER + die Drogerie VARIANTE.





A GREEN HEART (not with envy, but hope!), hand painted enamel, cast in silver. / A life lived in the absence of romantic love - ARRANGEMENTS IN BLUE. / "Love wasn´t a slumber party with your best friend. Love was dangerous, violent, with an element of something repulsive." THE REPUGNANT CONCLUSION / DIET COKAGNE by Tom Hanks




Yet  ANOTHER FAKE PEARL + EBONY NECKLACE made of vintage dead stock pearls and bits of ebony hand carved by Waldi - also vintage. / Silver O.T. RINGS hiding under a bit of flowery paint. / Velvety shoes with a BOW that go very well with the colour scheme of this newsletter (to be worn in a seamingly far off summer) + a warm pink SWEATER to be worn right now. / My new cantaloupe LANDLINE + the OUTTA SPACE case for my extraterrestial phone.


Ganz herzlich möchten wir euch zu unserem alljährlichen Weihnachtsmarkt einladen!

Samstag, 10.12., 13 - 18 Uhr
WSAKE Showroom, Am Gries 35, Regensburg - Stadtamhof

Wir freuen uns auf euch!

Und natürlich hat auch der ONLINE SHOP für euch geöffnet - wenn ihr schnell seid, erreichen euch eure Bestellungen noch vor Weihnachten! Wir geben auf jeden Fall unsere Bestes - fragt aber gerne vor einer Bestellung sicherheitshalber nochmal nach!




An EXTREMELY TINY HEART to wear on your finger under a starry sky. / Sterne zum STEMPELN, das Rezept für Sterne zum Essen findet sich weiter unten im Post.





An EXTREMELY TINY HEART NECKLACE and some merry TWISTY RINGS. / "I love the internet. It´s my home. There are some good people in there too." SHEILA HETI meeting a conversational AI. / The only carousel I would ride: The restoration of LUNA LUNA. / SISTER GEORGE MICHAEL + another brilliant nun: MATRIX Marie de France / A distressingly EXQUISITE TASTE- exquisitly expensive too. / All of the EVENCLEVELANDs gift guides compiled in one complete collection - a gift in itself.




Silver EIGHT-ERNITY NECKLACES / Also pictured: my grandmother´s honey and spice cookie recipe I used for this newsletter. / Recently my friend celebrated her birthday and as a treat we had MILLIONAIRES SHORTBREAD(fought over in an adult way) and some warm CHOCOLATE BREAD AND BUTTER PUDDING(this seams to be the actual recipe she used). I couldn´t recommend both more highly + Happy Birthday, Helen! / Orangenkuchen zum FRÜHSTÜCK? Auf jeden Fall. But this cake has oranges inside AND out: ORANGE MARMALADE CAKE. / GREEN ANGEL HAIR - funkiest recipe name ever.

Tiny silver HEART + STAR EAR STUDS hand cut by Anna. / HEATTECH. In case there is someone out there who does not know about them. This one is Marni, but every piece of Heattech will do. / I still got one episode of THE TOURIST left and so far I didn´t see a single twist or turn coming.




A wavy BRACELET made of polished brass or a very small crown for a king or queen sipping WINE AND COKE and wearing FUZZ INDUSTRIES - subscribing to her newsletter is a good idea. / A wintery craft for the craft hater: nylon twine and white sticky dots make cute snow garlands to put in windows when it´s raining with no snow in sight. They actually look like twirling snow placed over a radiator. / A company that makes caskets out of ice - MOLLY´S FREE IDEAS.




Since this ring has a very sculptural shape, we went with an arty name and called it O.T. RING (It kinda looks like a SQUIGGLE.) / More art stuff: Annas Ausstellung DER MOND IST AUFGEGANGEN kann noch bis 15.12. im neunkubikmeter in der Pustetpassage in Regensburg im Vorbeigehen besichtigt werden und im ZFKK gibt es gerade noch Roland Holzers Ausstellung AUSGABESTELLE ZUR BASISVERSORGUNG IM KATASTROPHENFALL zu sehen, bevor das Fenster weihnachtlich zu leuchten beginnt. Und gleich noch ein Ausblick ins neue Jahr: Am 12.1. um 22:30 Uhr ist im Deutschlandfunk Kultur das Hörspiel DER INNERE BERGBAU von ARTMAN&DUVOISIN zu hören - alle weiteren Termine der beiden finden ihr HIER.

A glitzy pair of VINTAGE EBONY EAR RINGS to stun even the moon(s). / This post was powered by VIER FRAUEN UND EIN MORD and VOLLNUSS.