this morning i finished the last orders and put them in the mail
such a busy week
with so many surprises in my mailbox
some waiting under the tiny pine Christmas tree
some opend right away - like RIKEs wonderful package
a tiny tree to stamp my wrapping paper and a wreath stamp (she knows me so well...)
thank you all - i´m over the moon!!!
can´t wait to open this beautiful little box from OLGA
presents for my sisters and myself
finally got to make JULIEs berberis candy
it´s delicious
(thank you for the recipe and the ingredients)

whoever designed this fun moon cookie cutter
is a great artist, it´s my favorite
now i want to wish everybody a lovely Christmas time
may it be merry and bright
i´m going to white torture my sisters with my Holiday samplers now
(since i started to watch Homeland a few days ago i know how it´s done
additionally i´ll turn up the radiators real high - they are not used to this warmth
since they have to heat with coal)
for making me buy my own Christmas gifts
some things i liked:
a CARVEN JACKET (not available in my size...)
DECEMBER ROSES (Saipua again - can´t help it)
Rike´s HANDMADE post