today i´m starting to show you some of the WSAKE jewellery
sort of a gift guide
so here we start of with a new version of the HAMMERED EMBOSSED PENDANT
there are two new options avaiable
iron and brass
embossed and hand carved
of course custom made if you wish
(see carving tools above)
if you´re interested in a pendant with more then 5 letters
we can probably work something out now


since i realized how much the light blue DOT CARD
looks like a snowy wintery sky
they´re now available HERE
the tiny sheep seem to like it too
(don´t look to close, K...)


my new - last minute - FLORAL CHRISTMAS CARDS are in the SHOP
did a lot of writing with all kinds of christmassy twigs and leaves
two kinds of holly, mistel toe and fir (again)
printed on a heavy matte 350g card board
have a nice weekend everybody


(as presented in the Süddeutsche Magazin gift guide )
i´m so lucky two of my polaroids are shown in this calender
you can get it HERE
currently i´m trying to turn a huge light bulb
- probably from the 50s - 
into a snow globe
and a tiny bit of gold
i like it most in it´s undone look


still trying to take pictures of the CHRISTMAS CARDS
in evening light
working on DARK MOON iron pendants
hosting quite some geraniums for the winter months in my apartment
some of them had to cut back a little to fit in
so every room is filled with delicate smelling arrangements
more floral christmas cards coming soon


it´s so complicated to take pictures of fancy glossy silver paper
so i will try some more
my CHRISTMAS CARDS are here!
find them in the SHOP


a few things i tried
but didn´t work out
pretty though


a custom made PEBBLE RING
(if your size isn´t available - we can make you a special one)
some remains in a cobweb - picture taken on halloween
a wooly delivery from my favorite STORE
a picture of me sitting cross legged on the floor and a bracelet made of too strong pills
as an homage to my pain killers and physiotherapy 
a year ago one of the many things i hadn´t done for a very long time
was sitting on something different then a big ball
so thank you both
(and please don´t turn against  me pills!)