at the end of last year i thought of a project
involving all kinds of things i like
(besides making jewellery that is)
flowers, food, books
and somehow combining those things
so here is what i came up with
a picture essay on Last Night in Twisted River by John Irving
- my very own and clearly non- academic take on this novel -
full of bears, loggers, giant women, more or less likely weapons
impending mud season, deadly do-si-doing
all kinds of true and ever lasting love
and who can´t help but fall in love with Ketchum
writing angry faxes
armed at all the times in case of "critters" and mad cowboys
dating a wrestling girl friend called Six-Pack-Pam
with one of the main characters being a cook
there were lots of tempting recipes hidden in this book
including a fateful bit of honey in the pizza crust
but i opted for a pancake recipe
inspired by the loggers breakfast in the river driver town of Twisted River
100 g spelt flour
50 g buckwheat flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 tbsp cane sugar
pinch of salt
roasted chopped up almonds
250 ml milk

frozen blueberries

maple sirup

mix the flours, baking powder, sugar, salt and almonds in a bowl
pour in the milk
mix until well incorporated
let sit for a bit

heat up the blueberries until hot and sirupy

heat up a non stick pan
and laddle in the batter in small batches
to bake small fluffy pancakes
add more flour in case the batter is too runny or more milk in case it´s too firm
somehow i can´t find an end when working on projects i love
so i though i just had to press publish and move on
but at first i want to thank W for being a perfectly patient and hungry assistant
Franz for his collection of fixed-blade knifes to choose from
NINA for the lovely tin box
and E for her insights even though i didn´t follow her advice
i already have some more books in mind to work on
but i´d love to hear your recommendations
could also be a movie, poem, song...