feeling slightly "on hold" lately
the gorgeous weather is a treat though
it´s so warm my cat likes to retreat into my shadow
and does not approve when i move around
after talking to a lot of cat owners
mine seemed to be the sweetest creature out there
so kind and careful
probably because she get´s to be so wild around the garden
(my gardening companion thinks she´s a special breed between a monkey and a cat
since her climbing skills are so outstanding)
lots of patient sawing
the new collection is almost finished now
and a PENDANT for RIKE adorned with a sky full of tiny stars
(+ a new addition to my moon cookie cutter collection)
thank you for all your patient "business help"
thinking about putting it in the shop now
new shoes with shadowy dots
can´t wait to wear them
have a sunny weekend


oh that glorious weather!
looks like we will have a break from all that sunshine starting this weekend
but how beautiful those weeks have been...
a perfect start for the flea market season
strangely almost all my bargains were somehow rose coloured
a marble lamp foot and a rose/copper coloured mirror
i tried these shoes on with too thick socks
so i probably have to give them to K
unless you´ve got an idea how to shrink vintage Bally sandals a size or two
(wearing my favorite HUI HUI scarf)
E is gone now for almost two weeks
but she left glasses full of coloured water and paint stained cloths all over the place
i quite like how the cat and i turned out
she says i´m getting more and more exhausting
being grumpy and talking endlessly about plants
but she liked that "painter´s primerose"
(i made up that name since it looks like someone draw delicate lines on the petals
probably with a LAMY fountain pen)
and to prove her right:
i´m completely enamoured with those pale yellow wild daffodils
just planted a few last fall to see how i like them
and i do very much
dreaming of a whole meadow of those now
have a wonderful weekend


W doesn´t like ugly lighters and sanding paper in pictures
he thinks it doesn´t look pretty
but i say the truth is beautiful
we do need beauty in our lives
but one tends to hide reality for the sake of it
so now it´s time to show of those bright blue fleece sweaters and old hands
he´s working on one of his old classics
the last hours of Fasching
made myself a construction with bouncing and bobbing paper balls
cat likes it to
E is doing a little dance wearing TI´s hat - thank you so much
tried to make Ninas CHOCOLATE CONFETTIS
looks like the circulation air setting of my oven does not work
made myself some egg coal
but since i´m obviously in a Zen-like state of mind i didn´t took it to hard
the Krapfen were shop bought after this
but KATHREINERLE made them herself
can´t get enough of INTELLIGENT CLASHING
or the new ladies collection by MUKU