it was my birthday last week
the 30th - sounds like a big deal, but i didn´t feel a thing
and it was full of such nice surprises
which made me tear up
but since i´m so very busy right now
(so busy i had to actually buy some cake instead of make one)
i´ll have to show them to you some other time
a sneak peak of a new PHOTO ESSAY i´m working on
i´ll probably post it tomorrow
a wedding necklace we made
green shoes - shiny green beetle
so much green outside
and so cold
planting carnations, pink sage and lots of mint varieties
this weekend - and a bit longer - i´m going to be in Berlin
attending THE HIVE and visiting my sister
is anyone coming, too?
also i´d love to hear some ideas on what to see there
thank you so much in advance