it´s pretty neat when all those tiny pieces are stored away
in MUJI soap and pill boxes for a Christmas design market tomorrow
so in case you´re in Regensburg stop by at DILLYDALLY and say hello
i´d love to meet you
since i´m not used to real life contact to customers (only digital)
to guzzy myself up and make me presentable
i even tried to pluck my eyebrows with a pair of tweezers i normally use to douse candles
when i read the description of this piece by Martin Margiela for H&M
"oversized cashmere sweater" i thought "i want to go to there (yes, i really like 30 Rock)"
and this must be an interesting fact for those rheumatic ladies out there:
i was this close to start sweating in there 
and i was only wearing two undershirts and one woolen kidney cozy under it
so i´m keeping it
(isn´t this TABLECLOTH awesome?!)
a little something for a friend who´s cat just died
yes, those two are quite hideous... but maybe they have a cheering effect
also i´m waiting for not so dark weather to take pictures
of some nice things i got